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Described as the UK’s ‘2nd city’, Birmingham can offer your tenants the perfect backdrop of a thriving city, amazing nightlife and of course, great rental prices.

Voted the 3rd best place to locate a business in the UK... Birmingham is a great investment location

property investment birminghamAs a nation who is renowned for moving to ‘where the work is’; knowing you can provide your tenants with a rental property in a rapidly evolving city, is truly gratifying.

After all, if they are happy with your property they will not be looking for a new place to live anytime soon, will they?

And in this particular location you could also provide your tenants with a city steeped in history, culture and 8,000 acres of beautiful landscape. Would that be worth just 2 hours of your time?

Well, you can. At Property Mentor we feel we have found an incredible location.

One that can offer your tenants all this:

  • Great rental prices at an easy £300+ a month
  • A city voted the 3rd best place to locate a business in the UK
  • Bargain house prices starting at just £153,441

And as it sits right in the heart of the country, it’s SO accessible.

Interesting Facts That Make Birmingham A
Fantastic And Profitable Property Investment City

Fact 1:
Described as the UK’s ‘2nd city’, Birmingham can offer your tenants the perfect backdrop of a thriving city against great rental prices. Rental prices that we feel will soon have your tenants contemplating all the pros of living in Birmingham.
Fact 2:

Affordable and accessible - what more can you ask for? It is a prime location.

When you compare the rental prices to other cities across the country, it is easy to see why Birmingham University is so popular. Its rental prices are incredible.

Fact 3:

Take a look at the 5+ bed house... with figures like these, you could turn this property into a student haven; increase your profits, and feed the demand - all from one property. Not a bad income at £14,640 for one property alone.

Property type Monthly rental income
1 bed £650
2 bed £897
3 bed £619
4 bed £650
5+ bed £1,220
Student accommodation £350

Times it by 4 and you’ll have an impressive income of £58,560 for 4 hours work a week - £281 per hour.

Fact 4:

Considering that these properties have got some of the best rental prices available, you’ll have no problem tempting Birmingham’s commuters into living in the heart of the city.

If anything they will be begging you to let them rent one of your properties, once they have seen what you have got to offer.

And with courses taking place across the whole of the UK, if you are interested in harnessing the true power of Birmingham’s buy-to-let market, you can find the answer during one of our Property Mentor courses.

YOU Can Enjoy The Complete Freedom Of
Working From ANYWHERE In The Country…

Leeds “At Property Mentor we can show you how to invest with no prior experience, using little of your own money and make a profit of over £500 per month.”

You can use the Property Mentor System literally ANYWHERE in the UK, so the flexibility it gives you is second to none.

Maybe you're happy dealing in properties close to home, or perhaps you wish to use this valuable knowledge to buy properties in an up and coming property hotspot.

You can be based from your current home, or you could up sticks and actually move house yourself. A peaceful rural location, the excitement of the buzzing metropolis of a big city, a few miles down the road or the other end of the country.

The great thing is, once you have these techniques you can live anywhere you want. You are not tied to an office or a 9 to 5 grind.

If you've been thinking about a move or wishing you had the freedom to spread your wings, Property Mentor can help you achieve the means to be able to turn your dreams into reality.

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What will you learn in 2 hours?
All the answers to successful property investing

Go on any property investment course and the first thing they will tell you, is to invest in where you know. Don’t go venturing further a field, but keep it local.

At Property Mentor we are different.

We believe every city, town or region has got the potential to offer incredible property investments. It is just a question of how well you research your properties first.

Name or current popularity... means nothing. Things change, and your property portfolio needs to be able to adapt with it.

property management birmingham This is why we recommend that you keep your properties diverse, and invest in only the properties that you know will generate you a positive income of over £300+ a month.

If it doesn’t hit our £300 base mark, look elsewhere.

Just because it is London property, does not mean it is better than Cardiff or Edinburgh. It is the research you do, and the time you put in that will make all the difference.

So by keeping your options open, you can essentially free yourself from the limitation of investing in just one location and open up your property portfolio to property gems you’d never thought possible.

And at Property Mentor we can help.

With just a little work and determination, you too could soon be investing in properties of all shapes and sizes.

And where will you invest? Anywhere you want!

It really is that simple.

In just 2 hours we can show you how to effectively research and stack up your properties, and earn an easy £300-£1,000 every month for the rest of your life.

And what do you need to get started?

Simply, the knowledge we’ll give you and the initiative to recognise all that the buy-to-let market has got to offer.

Attaining financial freedom doesn’t have to be a fantasy. You can make it your real, day to day life.

In our FREE 2 hour seminar we can show you how to:

  • Become your own boss - Never sick, never late, your property can become the perfect employee - always working to keep your profits positive.
  • Make some of your income 100% tax free - How? Using a Property Matrix which we will show you.
  • Invest at bargain prices - other investors may have seen the news and are now running scared, but not you. You can take advantage of all their mistakes and invest for just 80% of the price. Incredible.
  • Get the best deals from your estate agent - with property sales down, let’s just say when you appear offering to invest - cash in hand - they will more than happy to give you discounted deals.

property birmingham And after your first 4 properties, you could be where we are today... 100% financially free. No mortgage. No repayments. But 100% free.

So get involved.

Taking the step to improve your current property portfolio or begin investing... is closer than you think.

Enter your postcode into our EXCLUSIVE postcode checker below and discover when your next upcoming property course who is taking place...

20 years of experience 1 compact system

Still not convinced? Think everything we have just described is just too good to be true?

Well, what would you say if we could also offer you a proven credible system that has invested in all the lows of the 1990’s and all the highs of recent years? Would you give it another chance?

Well, you can.

At Property Mentor we understand the hesitation to invest. After all, all the papers are telling you that investors are struggling to sustain their properties.

But there is one small thing that these papers are not telling you - and it is an important fact too - 95% of these investors are using systems that were only profitable during the property boom of 2007.

So the only reason their investments are not working is simply because they have not learnt to adapt with the evolving market.

For you it will be different.

Once you have completed our FREE 2 hour course, we will give you full access to 8 PROVEN investment strategies that will enable you to invest in any market, in any financial climate, and earn a positive cash flow each and every month.

You see, many of our experts have been on the property market for over 20 years. 20 years that has enabled them to compile a perfected system that is free from the kinks of trail and error; that is free from all the mistakes and is proven to work.

property investment We have thought of absolutely everything.

Fluctuating interest rates, falling house prices, varying rental yields - it is all here, so that when you do come to stack up your properties you will instantly know, if they will or will not work.

We have covered every angle so you don’t have to.

And the reason we have gone to such lengths to offer you this system? Simple.

Because we have stood where you are now... looking to enter onto the property investment market, but when we did it, we did it alone.

No support. No guidance. No one to tell us how to move with the changing market in order to keep our property portfolio strong. We had to learn it the hard way.

For you it will be different. We want to help you get access to the knowledge, techniques and tactics we never had. And we actually LOVE sharing our knowledge and helping you to become successful.

So we have opened up our system to all our delegates, to give you the flexibility to invest in any property, in any city and know that with our training your properties will always be safe.

And yes it does work!

In the last 10 years we have helped over 2,500 delegates begin their journey to achieving financial freedom. A 10 year spate that has witnessed both a property boom and a credit crisis all in one turn.

Yet out of these events, each of our delegates - whilst using our system - has been able to use these market changes to build up strong property portfolios of all shapes and sizes.

property mentor And you can do the same.

Whatever your level of experience, we can give you the tools to invest in any city, in any climate... without worry.

And Birmingham can be your first stepping stone.

By attending one of our many exclusive seminars - scattered across the whole of the UK - you too can turn property into the portal for your success.

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