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Created in 2000 as an extension of our company Reality Expansions Events Ltd, our goal at Property Mentor is help teach you how to successfully become a property investor and professional landlord.

We are also an educational body...

Using our unique step-by-step system you can now transform your enthusiasm for property investment into a credible qualification for life.

In just 10 short years, we have helped over 2,000 delegates to build impressive property portfolios of all descriptions. From the traditional avenues of residential and commercial, our unique strategies have enabled delegates to invest in anything they desire: single let, double let and even hotels.

And we are not exaggerating...

Currently Property Mentors Lead Trainer Matthew Lauchlan has secured an investment in a 47 bedroom hotel in the south. And yes, he used the EXACT same Property Mentor system we teach on our courses to achieve it!

Now imagine for a moment this scenario - 47 people paying an average cost of £80 per nights stay. That is potentially a £3,760 profit in just 1 night, with no work or effort required. Perfect.

And such profits are available to you no matter where you live.

From the North to the South, you can visit our site and find a range of seminars spread across the entire breadth of the UK - each offering a number of dates for you to choose from.

So enter your postcode into our revolutionary postcode checker below and discover when your next upcoming property course is taking place...

property investmentOur success does not stop there...

Ever heard of the BBC’s Money Programme? We recently gave the BBC full access to one of our workshops, so they could witness - first hand - our commitment to helping YOU escape the rat race.

We wanted to prove once and for all that our intentions towards our delegates are honourable. Real.

We understand that there are many companies on the market offering quick financial fixes, but how many can offer you real results?

Or unique strategies that can cope with the changing housing market, year in, year out? None.

In fact we are the oldest investment company on the market. And here is why:

Our system is for the long run. At Property Mentor we do not offer quick financial fixes, but can teach you how to escape the financial restrictions that bind us all and become financially free in just four years.

So try our FREE Property Mentor taster session today and see if the life of a professional property investor is for you.

If you like what you see, our three day workshop and ongoing mentoring programme could give you the guidance you need to making that first step into financial freedom a reality.

Why Property Mentor?

Pooling together 29 years of experience into 1 simple system, we have constructed a detailed workshop that will teach you everything you need to know about property investment in 3 easy steps.

And our reasons? So you too can be standing where we are today: financially free and property millionaires.

In our sessions you will discover how to:

  • Make a positive cash flow from your properties and earn instant free equity
  • Invest in properties using as littles £2,500 of your own money.
  • Generate a monthly £300-£1,000 income through buy-to-let

So why not let Property Mentor guide you to success? Our support and experience can help you to create a business that can support you for years to come. Secure your spot using our revolutionary postcode checker NOW...

Or alternatively call to book on: 01908 309274 and talk to one of our dedicated team of staff.

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