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Making It Easy For You to Make a Property Return on Investment

property investmentImagine being able to tell a seller that you can exchange contracts with them in just 1 day. Do you think they will be able to resist your offer? Not likely... 

In the current financial climate this will be a blessing in disguise for many homeowners, and is one YOU can take advantage of.

At Property Mentor we have created ‘Property Mentor Finance’, a new system committed to providing our delegates - and our delegates alone -  with a dedicated team of brokers who will always ensure you get the right deals, fast.

And the benefits of our new broker system are endless. Once you have completed our 3 day Property Mentor course, we will give you access to team of brokers who can provide you with:

  • A dedicated resource imagine working with a broker who is completely 100% focused on you... No distractions? You can. At Property Mentor, our brokers sole goal will be to help you get that sale, and invest... invest... invest. And how is this all possible? They work for us and for us alone.
  • An understanding of the Property Mentor systemour strategies are unique... seen nowhere else in the country...

    Now imagine for a moment if you could work with a broker who knows the EXACT workings of this system. Who can show you the best way to implement these tools, with no explanation required. Would you take the chance? We would!

    Our brokers are specially trained to use our system, to save you time, energy and money when you're looking for investments.
  • A market resource dedicated to finding the best routes for investmentour brokers are more than traditional brokers. They will look at your properties from all angles - as both an investor and a broker. Keeping your interests… always at the forefront of their mind.
  • Support and coachingat Property Mentor we know property is constantly evolving. That is why our team of brokers will always be on hand to help you win that deal, and invest in the properties you want, should ever you need it.
  • 20 in-house lendersand you will have access to them all!

    Why? So you can maximise your investment opportunities.

    We know where our system will work. So to save you time we have compiled this exclusive list of lenders to enable you to get that loan and begin investing as soon as possible.
  • All your finance tools under one roofBuy-to-let Finance, Commercial Finance, Insurance… you’ll be spoilt for choice on what to tackle first.

property coursesSo, make your property investments that little bit easier. Try Property Mentor Finance today.

We guarantee, if you come across a purchase problem, they can look to provide you with a solution.

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