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How Do They Work?

buy to let investmentIf you are genuinely interested in becoming a successful property investor, then during the course of your research you’ll have probably noticed that there are distinct groupings amongst property investment companies.

On the one hand you have got property courses such as ourselves who aim to equip you with the necessary investment strategies to ensure you receive 100% of all your potential profits, including your £200+ monthly positive cash flows.

Then you have got others such as Your Property Club and Fast Track Property who will source you your properties for the hidden cost of a 2.5% finder’s fee.

It is a stark difference for even the most experienced of property investors to grasp, let alone anyone just starting out in property investment.

For instance, how are you meant to credibly tell which of these property investment companies are offering you a profitable product when not all of their service costs or obligations are made clear to you?

Below we have put 2 of the top property investment companies to the test to see which of them can offer you real value for money.

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Your Property Club

On the surface Brett Alegre-Wood appears to be offering the ideal property investment scenario.

best property investmentAsking for no payment costs at all for his educational materials, simply contact his team and they will completely manage your property investments.

From sourcing the best properties to organising your mortgage deals, to finding you a solicitor to letting out your property; under their scheme you won’t have to lift a finger.

Their guarantees too are also enticing, offering you 4 unique opportunities to protect your interests throughout your entire arrangement with them. At every opportunity they back up their claims with a money back guarantee:

  • Mortgage guarantee - can’t get you a mortgage Decision in Principle, they will give you your money back
  • Rent received guarantee - if the rent you receive does not bring in £50 a month on a property below £200,000 or £100 a month on a property above £200,000, they will pay you the difference for 2 years
  • 6 weeks to let your property guarantee - if they don’t manage to let your property within 6 weeks of completion, they will pay the rent until you do
  • 24hr property sleep testYour Property Club will give you 24 hours to sleep on the decision before you have to decide whether or not you want to proceed. If you don’t, no money is lost.

Yet despite the clear advantages of these 4 guarantees, throughout the entire website they do not mention how much these services will cost until you read the terms and conditions.

As per their terms and conditions:

  • If you do not proceed with the property, reservation fees which have previously been paid will become non-refundable
  • A finder’s fee of 2.5% (plus VAT) is charged per property at a minimum cost - to yourself - of £4,000 and a maximum cost of £10,000

On the outset 2.5% does not sound a lot for a finder’s fee, but if for example they were to offer you a property valued at £150,000, not only would you have to pay them £3,750+ VAT but you would have to top up this fee by £250 to match their £4,000 minimum charge.

And this unfortunately does not include the legal fees or the deposits you will have to find in order to invest in this property.

Fast Track Property

rental property investmentSimilar to Your Property Club, Fast Track Property sources out properties on your behalf - at an already discounted price of 5%-10% below its original value – for a finder’s fee of 2.5% (minimum fee £2,995+ VAT).

Primarily focusing on London and the South East of the UK, to access these properties all you need do is register and every time a new property deal comes up they will send you an email alert.

Yet here is where the similarities end...

Fast Track Property may send you these discounted properties, but assessing their tenancy demand, monthly cash flow and long term profitability will be your responsibility.

Under their policy:

  • When you register you will receive email alerts on new property deals
  • Before you commit to a property deal you need to research, make sure the property meets your requirements and ensure that you have got the funding to invest. Once you are ready to commit, Fast Track Property will put you in touch with a specialist mortgage broker who will help you to arrange funding
  • If you have got the funding, you can then make a reservation on this property via their website/phone number
  • Fast Track Property then instructs a Solicitor to act on your behalf
  • Once the contract is exchanged, they will arrange for a letting agent to market your property

Essentially for a minimal fee of £2,995, Fast Track Property will provide you with a discounted property and a few property contacts. Beyond this, you are on your own.

Why is Property Mentor different?

Our team of property experts have professionally been investing in property for the last 20 years, and know from experience the benefits of having access to a strong support network.

That is why core to our property investment courses we ensure that all our attendees gain more than our 8 investment strategies, but also access to:

  • Our team of Property Mentor Finance experts, including financial brokers, IFA’s, Solicitors and Negotiators
  • 20 in-house lenders who have witnessed our investment strategies, seen that they work and are willing to accept your business proposal
  • Our Deal Analyser and Structuring software
  • A 100 day business plan
  • Continuous monthly mentoring sessions
  • Buy-to-Let Finance, Commercial Finance, Insurance…

property adviceNo matter your property experience, for a one off fixed fee we will show you how to invest in the property market, and keep ALL 100% of your potential profits…

£200-£1,000 a month positive cash flows, £9,000+ instant cash backs… using 1 of our 8 investment strategies you too can discover how to invest using little, if any, of your own money and always remain profitable month on month for the rest of your life!

Property investment does not have to be restricted to the rich or the elite.

You too can acquire the skills, the training and the strategies you need to turn property into a credible long term career, and invest confident that you are not feeding the profits of others - only your own.

Secure your spot below and take your first step to confident property investing...

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