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When you think of the word ‘property investment' what is the first thing that springs to your mind - residential? Commercial? Well, what if we were to tell you that there are more to these niches than the 1 bed, 2 bed and semi-detached properties.

student accommodation investmentThat beneath the surface there are a range of properties that can help you to remove the uncertainty of having an empty property.

And can provide you with a tenancy group that are guaranteed to need accommodation all year round.

Would you be interested in finding out more?

Well here is the exciting bit... at Property Mentor we have found such a group. And let's just say they are closer than you think. They are literally on your doorstep!

So who is this group I hear you ask? Go on, have a quick guess. We think you'll be surprised when we tell you...


Even as we write, Universities are only able to provide 30.12% of students with accommodation. And although cities such as Nottingham and Lincoln are trying to expand, they simply cannot match the demand.

But this – would you believe - is not the best of it.

The onsite campus accommodation that IS available for students is being rejected in favour of privately owned rental properties. Why? Because they are cheaper, that's why... but we'll go into more details on why that is later.

What matters most is the fact that demand for accommodation, within the student community, has never been stronger! Never.

off plan investmentSo if you're interested in exploring student accommodation, NOW is the time to take action. Not next month or in the new academic year, but NOW!

In the next decade 18 million people will turn 18 – we know 18 million. Now if you consider the fact that there are currently 5.6 million new students going to University every year, you'll truly be spoilt for choice.

You see, if the recent survey done by the Letting Industry's trading body is anything to go by, student rent is set to rise by a further 15%! Yes 15%, whilst property prices are expected to stay static.

Put these 2 facts together and you have got the beginnings to the perfect recipe for success.

All of which at Property Mentor we can help you to achieve...

So begin your journey to transforming your property portfolio today. During our FREE 2 hour course, we can show you how to harness this property investment university niche, and turn student accommodation into the portal for your investment success.

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Student rental properties – what have they got to offer?

Now we can guess your first question – how can students provide you with an all year round tenancy when they only attend University on a term time basis? Don't they finish for the summer in June?

off plan investmentYes, this is true. Students do have holidays. And their summer one in particular is long.

But here is the catch... They may have finished their courses for the year, but your properties don't have to lie empty in those passing months.

No, far from it.

In fact, you will have the choice of two equally appetising options that will both – yes both - give you the rental investments you deserve: young professionals and students.

You see, the last thing most students want to do is have to find new accommodation before the coming year.

So whilst onsite campus accommodation may have a vacating deadline. You can offer them continued shelter throughout their student career. All 3 years of it!

And in the summer? That won't be a problem either.

According to recent surveys, the vast majority of parents would rather continue paying rent for their children over the summer – even if their children are not there - just to ensure that they have got accommodation for the new term.

So even if your tenants are not living there, you will still be receiving an easy £300+ month, every single month.

Or alternatively you can try this option – young professionals.

Now you're probably wondering why would young professionals want to continue renting straight out of University.

But here is the thing. With lending options remaining restrictive; getting onto the property ladder is near impossible, unless you have got a 25% deposit.

So whilst they may be eager to venture into the adult world of business, they will still need somewhere to live. A solution that you can provide.

In fact, your tenants could easily transcend into this next niche without ever having to leave your rental property.


So what have you got to lose? During our FREE 2 hour property training course, we can provide you with the tools and insight to harness all these facts and figures and turn them into long term attainable assets.

And the property investment university sector? Can become just one, of many investment opportunities, that can transform your property portfolio into a multi-million pound asset in as little as 5 years.

All we ask is that you give us just 2 hours of your time, and we'll show you how it is possible to begin investing in student accommodation from ANYWHERE in the UK, and earn £300-£1,000 every single month.

Try first one of our university property courses today by filling in our unique postcode checker below, and witness for yourself the changes this type of property can make to your property portfolio.

Diversifying your property portfolio has never been more fun...

Student accommodation – thetruth behind this sector

Impressed so far? Well we haven't told you the best bit...

There is a reason why students are opting for private rental accommodation over their University's... cost. Plain and simple.

In a recent study done by Accommodationforstudents.com, they discovered that on average students pay less through professional landlords, than they do to their University.

Don't believe us? We'll prove it:

  • Student University Accommodation - £56.85 a week
  • Private rental sector – £51.57 a week

That is a 10% difference. A 10% difference that over a year, could potentially offer students a saving of £274.56.

Plus to top it all, student rent is still rising. In the last 4 years alone, student rent has risen 17%. Now add in the fact, that they are predicted to rise a further 15%, and you have got the formula for a great investment.

Take these rental figures from across the UK:

Location Rental prices – Weekly
(Per student)
Percentage higher than
UK average
London £102.85 67%
Leeds £62.03 21%
Guildford £61.88 20%
Nottingham £61.60 19.5%
Newcastle £58.90 14%

Get the picture? No matter whether it is in the northern regions of Scotland, or the southern reaches of London, each city – if it has got the demand and tenancy – has got the potential to offer profitable rental incomes.

Take London for example.

In one property you'll probably have 3 tenants. Now do the maths and you'll have an easy profit of £1,354.20.  And in a year... £16,240.40. And this is from property alone.

From 4 you could earn over £65,001.60 a year, all for 4 hours work a week. Impressive.

And the demand for private student accommodation is there. Remember our earlier statement? Universities can only provide 30.12% of students' with accommodation.

best property investmentSo if you add to the equation the fact that there are 5.6 million new students entering onto the rental market every year, and that only 1.68 million of them will be able to find accommodation on campus.

That will leave you with 3.92 million students - on top of the students who are already there - who will each be looking for a place to live.

All of which you can easily provide, whilst benefiting from increasing profits every single year.

Imagine... if students are paying £102.85 a week to rent privately in London, in 2 years time – when the 15% predicted inflation has occurred - they will be paying you £118.28.

£118.28which will STILL be cheaper than university accommodation. Fantastic!

So take charge of your investments, and start feeling the demand...

From our property development courses in London, to cities, towns or regions across the whole of the UK, at Property Mentor we have got a course for everyone.

And we mean EVERYONE!

And all it takes to get started is just 2 hours of your time. 2 hours where we will be show you why student accommodation - like so many other forms of property – can provide you with profitable long term investments.

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Property Investment: the key to your investment fortune

Whilst some property training courses may tell you to stick to what you know and only invest in residential property.

At Property Mentor we encourage you to keep your options open, and to explore all aspects of property investment.

Commercial or residential, or a more narrow group such as student accommodation, hotels or young professionals. If any of these properties can earn you a positive cash flow of over £300 a month, then they too can become an asset for your property portfolio.

student property rentingYou see, we know from experience that limiting yourself to one city or one type of property investment can become restrictive on your portfolio.

You need to look at the bigger picture; to keep abreast of your tenants needs and know what the property market has got to offer.

With a little hard work and determination, you could soon be investing in properties of all shapes and sizes – including student accommodation. And the rest will all come naturally.

So whether you are new to property investment or are looking to expand your current property portfolio, in our FREE 2 hour seminar we can show you how to:

  • Earn £300 to £1,000 per property, per month – every month!
  • Make some of income 100% tax free - how? Using a unique Property Matrix system, all of which we will teach you.
  • Invest at bargain prices - for some as low as 85% of the real property price.
  • How to make a positive cash flow – no matter the size of your properties equity – negative or not – these figures won't mean a thing as long as you have got a positive cash flow

Secure your spot on our next property course NOW...

What will you learn in 2 hours? All you need to know...

What would you say if we could offer you the confidence to begin investing in property in any climate, in any city and know that the investments you make today will safeguard you for your future - Would it be worth just 2 hours of your time?

Well, we can.

We have compiled together the experiences of all our experts – who have been investing in the property market for the last 20 years – into one compact unique system, just for you.

property investment adviceAnd it is a system that works.

From the highs of recent years to the recession of 1992 and 1989, we have invested in them all.

Yes, every single one of them. And we want you to experience the same success.

You see, whilst 95% of investors are still using systems that will only profitable in the 1990's, at Property Mentor we have adapted with the changing economy and have designed 8 proven investment strategies that will enable you to invest in any financial climate.

Property boom or credit crisis - you will be able to find success in all forms of property investment, from anywhere in the UK.

And yes it is real!

In the last 10 years we have helped over 2,500 delegates achieve their dreams of entering into property investment. And during this period they have successfully managed to invest in both a property boom and a credit crisis.

And you can do the same...

So jump on board, and take the first step to changing your investment future.

No matter your interest - residential, commercial or the property investment university sector - using our unique step-by-step system, the world will be your oyster.

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