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At Property Mentor™ we believe in giving you MORE than training, tips and techniques, but a strong framework to support you as you begin your path to building a powerful, profitable portfolio.

We understand that starting out in any business, whether new or experienced, can feel like a challenge...

It is in those first initial moments that the quality of ongoing support and guidance you receive can make a real difference to how quickly you succeed.

That is why we strive to offer all our delegates MORE than those first 3 days of training, but a network of sessions created to cover the next four years of your property investment career!

And the fee? There is no fee once you become a Property Mentor delegate.

These sessions are there for your sole use. Once you have completed our 3 day Property Mentor workshop we will give you access to an additional 10 days of training, each and every year for as long as you wish to use us!

Sounds impressive? It is. But there is much more to these courses than keeping you updated.

Guarantee your long term success

At Property Mentor™, we understand that there is a lot to take in, in such a short amount of time.

With this intention, each of our mentoring days is specifically designed to focus on ONE key aspect of the property market. No more. No less.

And we have to admit, it is a great idea...

You can take advantage of our specialist team of experts, and get ALL your questions; ALL your queries - answered straight away.

Our goal is to help you achieve your goals and support you onto success. And these sessions do just that. We have thought of everything. Changing interest rates... altering loan options... we have got it all covered, so you don't have to worry about a thing.

But there's more...

In addition to our four year mentoring programme you will also have access to our Delegate Discussion board.

Any questions. Any query. Essentially ANYTHING you want to know about property investment, you can find answered right here. So far we have got over 34,000 posts from our community of delegates and the number is growing.

So post your questions - no matter how silly you may think they are - and get your queries answered today. A question you ask today could benefit the delegates of tomorrow.

This is more than a traditional chat room...

photo of meeting At a click of a button you can benefit from the advice and tips of experienced delegates from all over the UK. No phone calls. No searching the web for the latest news. But instant access to a network of advisors who can give you everything you need in one neat, compact package.

And it works!

By following the same system, terminology and language, you too will soon be surfing through our posts, and gathering limitless amounts of tips and techniques that can turn property 1 into number 2, 3 and 4!

So join our community and feel rest assured that you will always have us to lean on.

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