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Week in, week out, London is our most popular course venue. Why? Because it’s the jewel in the property investing crown. Massive monthly income, from every kind of property you can imagine and there’s still bargains to be found… if you know where to look..

London… A ‘Capital’ Property Investment Choice.

Big Ben At Property Mentor we believe London is the ultimate location to suit all your investor needs: a blossoming economy; falling unemployment rates, plus property house prices that will take your breath away…

We may be in the midst of coming out of a recession, but we have to say that London rental prices are more than impressive, they are astounding:

On a one bedroom property alone you could potentially earn £1,584 a month. And in a year?

Well… £19,008 - all for one hours work a week. Not bad at £365.54 an hour…

Type of property City of London (per week) Central London (per week)
1 bedroom £396 £461
2 bedroom £612 £733
3 bedroom £1,213 £1,425
> 4 bedroom £898 £1,994
Office (per sq ft) £50-£65 £60-£100

But there’s more…

London As a capital with 32 regions, your investment choices will be endless. It’s not split into the North, South, East and West for no reason – London is huge, and you can get a slice of it.

What's more, we can help.

We run courses all over the UK. From Northern England to London and the South. All we ask is that you give us just 2 hours and we can teach you how to turn London into your ultimate dream investment.

Interesting Facts That Make London A
Fantastic And Profitable Property Investment City

Fact 1:

Average house prices range from £195,505 to £1,298,447*

Considering the average UK house price is £219,262, London can offer you nearly 6 times the amount!

*Price depending on which of the 32 regions in London you buy in.

Fact 2:

According to the 'Good University Guide', London is ranked:

  • 3rd Imperial College London
  • 4th London School of economics
  • 7th University College London
  • In the top 10 places to attend University

Impressed? We are…

In London alone there are: 12 Universities and 41 Higher education institutions.

Do the maths and you have got a city built on students who will all need a place to live.

Would you believe that there are 388,740 higher education students in London? It’s true! And according to recent surveys, only 30.12% of this number will receive accommodation. That's 271,651 students every year searching for a place to live.

And if the University cannot provide it… YOU can!

Fact 3:

property investments london With a population of over 7.2 million people, you will find 7,318 people per sq km/ 11,803 per sq mile.

To every 83 sq metre space you will find a person. Doesn’t sound a lot when you consider that we all have the basic needs of a bed, bathroom and kitchen.

And that’s excluding everything else!

This just shows the strength of the demand for property in London. They all want a piece…

So get on board. With the right tools you can offer your tenants more than this 83 sq metre space… but a home.

Fact 4:

Unemployment is only 2.7% - a 10,400 drop from figures in July 2007.

This is fantastic news in a country whose unemployment figures have risen 5.2% in the last 3 months. In fact, employment has risen – yes despite everything else – by 0.9%. Proof that London is the #1 place to live and work.

And let not forget its beautiful landmarks.

The London Eye… the tower of London… Shakespeare’s Globe theatre …. Buckingham Palace. The historic quality of this city combined with its bubbling economy makes London the one and only place to be. For young professionals and investors alike.

In fact London is our most popular course.

Week in, week out, our London events have drawn in over 40 investors. Why? Because they recognise the true earning potential of the London Property market.

They have researched. They have compared. And every time London has proven why it is the Capital of the UK – it always ranks #1!

property mentor And you don’t have to live in London to benefit from its profitability either.

During our FREE 2 hour course, we can show you how to invest ANYWHERE in the country, and spend as little as 1 hour a week maintaining them.

No travel costs. No extra expense.

We can even offer you the software to research these properties from the comfort of your own home.

What more can you ask for?

Wherever are in the UK, you’ll find a
Property Mentor course convenient to you.

Sign up for one of our FREE 2 hour Property Courses today and let us help you to experience real financial independence. We guarantee they will be the most profitable 2 hours of your life…

YOU Can Enjoy The Complete Freedom Of
Working From ANYWHERE In The Country…

Leeds “At Property Mentor we can show you how to invest with no prior experience, using little of your own money and make a profit of over £500 per month.”

You can use the Property Mentor System literally ANYWHERE in the UK, so the flexibility it gives you is second to none.

Maybe you're happy dealing in properties close to home, or perhaps you wish to use this valuable knowledge to buy properties in an up and coming property hotspot.

You can be based from your current home, or you could up sticks and actually move house yourself. A peaceful rural location, the excitement of the buzzing metropolis of a big city, a few miles down the road or the other end of the country.

The great thing is, once you have these techniques you can live anywhere you want. You are not tied to an office or a 9 to 5 grind.

If you've been thinking about a move or wishing you had the freedom to spread your wings, Property Mentor can help you achieve the means to be able to turn your dreams into reality.

Grab your place on one of our FREE 2 Hour Property Course Sessions Today and...
Begin your journey to True Financial Independence

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What will you learn in 2 hours? Everything you need…

Who says your investments have to be limited to where you live? We don’t.

The fantastic thing about property is if you cannot find the right rental property in one place, you can look elsewhere.

There is no limit to what you can achieve with a little initiative and determination.

And at Property Mentor we can help.

property investment london In just 2 hours we can show you how to invest with no prior experience, using little of your own money and make £300-£1,000 every single month. How? By applying our unique system to your investments.

And yes it is real.

Whether you are new to property investment or are seeking to extend your current portfolio, in our FREE seminar we can show you how to:

  • Receive Low Deposit Down deals - only available to our Property Mentor delegates. We will show you how to negotiate sizeable discounts that will enable you to pay little if anything in deposits.
  • Why property is the best place to invest - forget stocks and bonds, property can provide you with all the answers. Stability… of up to 25% annual returns – and yes, you can have this during the current economic climate too!
  • How to structure for long term success - turn the investments you make now into a profit for your children of tomorrow. In four years time you could be where we are today… property millionaires.

So get involved today!

We are confident once you have witnessed the effectiveness of our system, you’ll agree… no investment will feel like an obstacle. No city will hold you back.

You’ll be free to invest, where and whenever you want… including in the UK’S largest and most competitive location… London.

Try one of our exclusive London seminars today by entering your postcode into the form below. We are confident you’ll soon be investing in not 1, but properties 2, 3 and 4 in no time.

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20 Years of experience in 1 simple system

Imagine having access to a perfected system built on 20 years of experience. A system free from the kinks of trial and error. Free from financial risk.

You can.

At Property Mentor, we have created this unique system to save you time, energy and money so you can focus on what's important: setting up your first property deal.

In fact you can leave our course confident that your journey to investment success will begin that very same day.

No project will be too big. No property too small. You will always be in complete control.

property sale london And our confidence can not go unfounded. We have helped over 2,500 delegates achieve financial freedom, and we can help you too.

So no matter your interest, residential or commercial, we can give you the tools to make your goals a reality and help you invest without a care in the world.

Begin your property portfolio today and explore all that London has got to offer.

By attending one of our exclusive London seminars, you too could make London the portal for your own success!

Make your investment fortune through buy-to-let - it’s easy

At Property Mentor, we are more than an educational body. We are a community. A community dedicated to helping you succeed; to passing on our skills, and most importantly to providing you with the confidence to pursue your investments.

That is why we allow ex-property mentor delegates to teach our courses so you can see first hand that what we preach is real. That our system works.

They too have stood where you are now… seeking to invest… questioning the validity of our course. And now? They all own property portfolios worth over £1 million.

And you can do the same.

Here in this close, intimate environment we are offering you the opportunity to get all your questions you have ever wanted answering, answered straight from the horses mouth. An opportunity we feel is just too good to miss.

Their advice is FREE. Free for you to take advantage of for as long as you need.

property mentor So what have you got to lose?

2 hours? In the long term what you can take away from our course could do more than help you invest, but make you 100% financially free in as little as a year.

And considering our course is usually worth over £300, you can access all this for FREE:

  • Tips on which are the best properties to buy
  • Advice on how to avoid costly mistakes
  • And guidance on how to get the property deals you want, at the price you want

Our courses are available for you to access ANYWHERE in the UK - including London.

Why? So you can gain clear access to the cities we know will always provide you with the best deals and get your portfolio expanding to new and dizzier heights.

The London Docklands… Central London… Croydon… the choice is yours.

Secure your place NOW and start profiting!

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