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Welcome to the Property Mentor question and answer section! You can use this simple selection of property investment advice to get to the bottom of any tricky questions your property portfolio is throwing in front of you and if the question hasn’t already been answered why not submit it our experts?

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  • Meeting Fire Safety Standards

    I have just invested in a property and want to make sure it means fire safety standards - what should I...

    From Chris Radcliffe | Derby | 06/11/2010
  • Names On Tenancy Agreement

    My partner and I are considering renting a property, but were wondering - do both our names have to be on the tenancy agreement? Similarly, if only one of us is on the tenancy, does that mean...

    From Tracey Hall | Gloucestershire | 04/11/2010
  • Bought A Property With An Existing Tenancy Agreement

    I have just bought a property that has got an existing tenant with an assured shorthold tenancy agreement. Is there anything that I need to...

    From Rob Hemley | Hilton | 02/11/2010
  • Can I still serve a section 8 even though they claim I have a deposit from them?

    I have just taken on some new tenants who after giving me a deposit by cheque, I recipicated by giving them a receipt in good faith. After trying to deposit this cheque, by bank informed me that it...

    From Karl Tompson | Manchester | 02/11/2010
  • Can I ask for a rent reduction?

    My property is constantly freezing and has got leaky windows - can I ask for a rental...

    From Helen Jules | Carlton | 01/11/2010
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