Is Property Investment for you?

Still wondering if property investment is right for you? It is only understandable...

business-people Taking the step to become a Professional Landlord is a big decision, and one worth thinking through properly.

That is why at Property Mentor we have spent the last 20+ years developing 8 PROVEN investment strategies so that no matter your reasons for investing you too can join our 3,500 other property course delegates and feel 100% confident that our property course is the real deal and not just another property scam...

From investing abroad to funding your retirement, our property investment techniques are adaptable to all types of property investor - yes even if you have NEVER invested in property before!

However, if you still need convincing, then why not let us prove to you how our property course can help you to succeed:

Become a Property Investor

We believe that with the right investment strategies and training, ANYONE can achieve their ambitions of becoming a successful property investor.

Even if you have got no prior property knowledge or cash to invest, the investment strategies we teach on our course can help you to invest in all financial environments.

Experienced Property Investor

build-portfolio-img4 If you are looking to reignite your property portfolio and ensure £300-£1,000 in positive cash flows every single month then our property course can help.

A total of 95% of experienced property investors are believed to be still using ineffective investment strategies that were only profitable during the property boom of 2007 - 1-2 investment strategies which will only work under certain conditions...

However, our research has found that at least 5-6 investment strategies are needed to continue investing – 5-6 investment strategies that are capable of adapting.

YET at Property Mentor we have gone one step further...

We have developed 8 PROVEN techniques that no matter the economic climate can help you to receive strong £300-£1,000 positive cash flows, PLUS will require little, if any, deposits from you in order to invest.

Inexperienced Property Investor

You don’t have to be a property guru to profit from the property market. Even if you have never invested in property before, our property investment course can supply you with EVERYTHING you need to become profitable from property.

Property Investment Companies

build-portfolio-img6 There are a lot of property investment companies out there who will source you a property for a hidden finder’s fee of 2.5%. However, at Property Mentor our goal is to teach you how to effectively research, stack and invest in these properties so you can preserve 100% of your potential profits.

Of course, you are welcome to take advantage of our specialised sourcing service, but once you register for our Full property course, this service comes completely free of charge*.

*Free on your first property investment. Afterwards available for a small fee.

Buying Off-Plan

Off-plan property investments may have fallen out of favour during the recent recession, but whereas those who invested prior to the recession may now be walking away with financial losses of 20%-30%, you won’t have to.

With support of our Property Mentor experts you can discover how to build strong working relationships with the right property developers, in the right locations at the right price, and ensure that you never make a loss.

Investing Abroad

business-people Wherever you choose to invest in the future, during our FREE 2 hour property course our financial experts can show you why investing in buy to let properties in the USA, Spain, France and Portugal can bring you real financial security.

Even with their differing property laws, our experts can supply you with the property Intel you need to ensure that you can successfully apply our investment strategies to all property types, ANYWHERE in the world.

Student Accommodation

With universities supplying only 30.12% of their students with rental accommodation, choosing to specialise in student accommodation is certainly a viable route...

Even with new HMO legislations, our revolutionary Deal Analyser and Research Software can safely help you to analyse the profitability of your potential property investments all from the comfort of your own home, so you will NEVER have to waste your time on the properties which won’t work!

Instead you will be able to focus on supplying accommodation to the 18 million+ students who will be turning 18 in the next 10 years.

Finance Your Retirement

Falling annuities of 1.2% may have made downsizing your property to fund your retirement less profitable, but there are still alternatives routes available to you which can help you to retire on your own terms, such as investing in property.

Simply choose to utilise our 8 proven investment strategies; brokers, IFA’s and negotiators and extensive collection of landlord resource forms, and not only can we help you to TRIPLE your pension and retire when YOU want to but you can achieve all this in the next 6 years!

Increase your savings

The average savings account only generates an annual income of 0.2% these days - far from the supplementary income you are looking for. However, utilise our 8 proven investment strategies and you too can more than double your returns from a £100,000 investment.

calculator-img1 Take the following scenario:

Put £100,000 into a savings account at 1.5% and in a year you can expect to generate £1,500.

However, invest this same £100,000 into a 3 bedroom rental property that has got an interest rate of 1.5% (which has to be paid over the next 25 years). And once you deduct its £400 mortgage repayments from its average rental price of £680 a month*, in a year you will have earned £3,360 – an extra £1,860 more than the bank.

*Based on March 2010 rental figures from Nestoria

Instant cash backs

Property may be a long term investment, but discover how to invest Low or other People's Money and you too can benefit from cash backs of up to £9,000, like our successful Property Mentor delegates.

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