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With over 200,000 students in its two universities, the City Council employing 33,000 staff and its Teaching Hospital employing 14,000, Leeds is a landlords dream come true.

Leeds: A Fantastic And Profitable Property Investment City

Leeds One of the fastest-growing cities in the country and the second largest metropolitan district in the UK, Leeds is the ‘capital city’ of Yorkshire & Humber and the financial capital of the North.

With a population of 715,404, Leeds is the third largest city in the UK after London and Birmingham. It’s surrounded by an extensive suburban and rural area including towns such as Rothwell, Wetherby, Morley and Otley, along with numerous beautiful villages.

It stretches 15 miles from east to west and 13 miles from north to south. With two thirds of this area being Green Belt, it offers some of the most beautiful scenery in Yorkshire.

Some of the country's leading household names in banking and insurance services such as First Direct, GE Capital, Alliance & Leicester, Halifax Direct and Direct Line, are all based in Leeds.

Interesting Facts That Make Leeds A
Fantastic And Profitable Property Investment City

Fact 1:

With superb transport links and an advanced communications infrastructure, Leeds is the perfect city to do business in. There has been £3.5bn of investment in major commercial, retail and residential property developments over the last decade in Leeds, with a further £7.3bn of projects in progress or allocated for the future.

Leeds Bradford International Airport covers 70 destinations in over 30 countries, which includes the USA and the Far East. With the M1 and A1 linking Leeds to London and Edinburgh, the M62 gives easy access to the east and west coast ports.

It’s a mere 2 hours train ride to London Kings Cross and Manchester International Airport is just over an hour by road or by train.

Fact 2:

Leeds is a major employment centre for all local districts. Nearly half of the 936,000 combined workforce of West Yorkshire, work in Leeds.

With over 100,000 people working in the city’s financial and business sectors, 1,800 companies employing over 39,000 people in manufacturing and the media, communications & advertising sector growing by about 10% a year, the city is fast developing as a centre for the new, online economy.

Service industries account for over 80% of total employment, with Leeds City Council being the city's largest employer with 33,000 staff and Leeds Teaching Hospital 14,000. Private sector companies such as ASDA, Yorkshire Bank, Ventura all have their HQ's in Leeds, along with Barclays, Natwest, HSBC and TSB Lloyds Banks, British Gas and BT regional offices.

Fact 3:

The city has the most diverse economy in the UK, with Leeds having a GVA of £15.4bn, a third of which is generated by the financial & business services sectors.

All BT exchanges are broadband-enabled across Leeds, providing both homes and business with fast track access to the internet

And BT considers Leeds as its second city, due to the design and efficiency of equipment. It is the headquarters of BT Applied Technology and of BT's Northern Region which covers the whole of the north of England and Scotland.

Fact 4:

The West Yorkshire Playhouse which stages more productions each year than any other theatre outside London, is based in Leeds, as are Opera North, the Northern Ballet and the Phoenix Dance Company.

The city centre has 2 miles of traffic-free shopping and over 1,000 shops and is less than 20 miles from the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

Leeds was named ‘Best Place in Britain to Live’ by Henley Management Centre and named ‘The UK’s Favourite City’ by Condé Nast Traveller Magazine.

Fact 5:

University of Leeds is one of the UK's top ten research universities, Leeds Metropolitan University has the largest business school of its kind, rated in the top 50 globally and Leeds has over 200,000 students, 64,000 of whom are degree students at Leeds’ two internationally acclaimed universities.

No wonder The Independent called Leeds the ‘Best UK University Destination’. The tenant potential in Leeds is enormous.

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