Get paid to buy a property

then earn £300 to £1,000 per month - your money could not work harder!

Get paid to buy a property,

property courseContrary to popular belief investing in property is not just about putting your hard earned cash into an asset that you rent out in the short term and make a profit in the long term.

The really successful – and high earning – property investors make cash as soon as they purchase a property. And they go on to make a significant monthly return on their investment.

By attending one of our FREE 2-hour taster sessions you will quickly learn how these investors are so successful, and where the majority of amateur investors go wrong.

But before you book your place on a course near you, why not read how one would-be investor, Sarah Whyte, earned £9,706 from her very first purchase using our system.

How Can Property Mentor Help?

Having already tried Inside Track’s property program to help her realise her property investment dreams, Sarah Whyte was in search of a system that she could trust to make a return on her investment. Government approved, she was confident she had finally found the right system when she attended one of Property Mentors free taster sessions.

“I knew when I signed up to Inside Track that there was an element of risk to their strategies, so I decided to make my next foray into property as safe as possible.

The Property Mentor system was just what I was looking for, and making £9,706 from my first investment proved that I had made the right choice.”

Sarah Whyte, mother of 2, Professional Marketing Manager.

Sarah Whyte's Story

Signing up to the Inside Track course in 2001, Sarah initially invested in 6 properties using their system. However after 8 months of receiving minimal positive cash flows, she decided to invest in one of Inside Tracks off-plan properties.

A mistake she still regrets today...

Before the property had even been completed it had depreciated in value by £35,000 meaning she would have had to invest another £80,000 in order to make it work. No longer able to afford the property, she tried to pull out, but all that followed was the builder suing her for the £35,000 difference.

Sarah Whyte

“Despite what had happened to me I was still interested in investing in property. So when I saw Property Mentor’s advert on the web, and saw the results they could produce, I knew I had see their system for myself in person.”

Attending their free 2 hour London taster session at the beginning of January 2009, Sarah soon signed up for their full weekend workshop.

In just 3 days, Property Mentor showed her how to: RESEARCH her properties effectively; NEGOTIATE 10-30% discounts off her investments and with the help of their Property Mentor Finance Team offer her properties the BEST MORTGAGE DEALS on the market.

Two months on Sarah has completed on her first property deal and has already made profits of £9,706.

“To actually be able to earn back money instantly off my property, simply by applying the right negotiation skills is incredible. In my first month, my property has generated a positive cash flow of £800! That combined with my £9,706 in cash back and I am already in profit by £10,000!”

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Property Details

Five Bedroom semi-detached in Middleton, Milton Keynes

property investment
  • One ensuite bedroom
  • Double garage
  • Sizable front and back garden
  • Kitchen 12ft 2" X 18ft 9"
  • Dining area 15ft 5" X 23ft 7"
  • Lounge 12ft 5" X 19ft 6"
  • Central heating
  • Off-road parking
  • Bedroom Two 10ft 3" X 8ft 9"
  • Bedroom Three 9ft 6" X 9ft 2"
  • Bedroom Four 11ft 7" X 9ft 9"
  • Bedroom Five 12ft 1" X 8ft 9"

The Property Mentor System

invest in property

Property Mentor - your route to investment success

property mentoringSarah Whyte is just 1 of thousands of delegates we have helped to achieve their dreams of turning property investment into a long term lucrative asset.

And you can join them...

Accumulating 20 years of experience into one compact system we have removed: all the pressures of trial and error; all the mistakes and have created 8 unique investment strategies that will enable you to invest confidently in all financial climates.

We have stood where you are now… looking to invest, but when we started we had to learn the hard way. No guidance, no support, no finance team – we were alone in making our decisions.

For you we want it to be different.

That is why we have removed many of the hurdles that stop most investors, and have strived to provide you with the tools, the strategies and the resources to help you succeed.

By becoming a Property Mentor delegate and signing up to our Full Weekend Workshop you can gain access to:

  • 8 unique investment strategies designed to cope in all financial climates
  • Our Property Mentor Finance Team built of financial experts, brokers, IFAs and negotiators
  • 20 in-house lenders who know our system, know it works and will more than eager to help you invest
  • Our Deal Analyser and Research Software (licence included)
  • Unlimited mentoring days – keeping you up-to-date with all the latest market changes
  • A 100 day business plan

What more can you ask for?

With Property Mentor you can experience the satisfaction of becoming a part of a community dedicated to helping each other succeed, whilst adding another reputable qualification to your CV.

Interested in learning how to generate instant cash back on your next property investment purchase? Why not try our free 2 hour taster session first to gain an insight into how our course works, before signing up for our weekend workshop.

With Property Mentor, you can succeed...

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