Matthew Lauchlan

Property Mentor Lead Trainer

How has Property Mentor benefited you?

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I have been investing since 1984, and from the good of the 1980’s to the lows of the 1990’s, I thought I had seen it all, but the course proved otherwise.

I first heard about it from a group of friends.

They had been on the course the year before and had already bought three properties that were each making a positive cash flow. No glitches. No problems. Just consistent profits.

And I have to admit I was impressed.

Here was a course promising to safeguard your properties even if they got into negative equity – something I was very familiar with from the 1990’s crash - plus guarantee you a positive cash flow every month.

I knew I had to give it a try. So I did.

Having been along to the two hour workshop, my mind was instantly made up...

I knew their system was perfect for me. And the cost? With what I could potentially earn in the future, it was more than worth it.

How would you describe the 3 day workshop?

It was fantastic, and is probably the only time I have ever really enjoyed learning something.

The way they taught it and the people you got to work and network with was incredible.

Here in one room I was with fourteen positive people, each as dedicated as me to making their property investments work.

And you know what they say about meeting positive people?

It has a positive effect on you too!

Do you feel your investments could have worked out differently if the Property Mentor system had been around when you first started?

Simple answer: Yes!

image of luxury appartments Had I had known back in 1992 what I know now I would have bought every house that became available, confident that I could make considerable cash flow from each.

What investors need to remember is that property investment works in a cycle...

In 15 years time we will be standing where we are today – feeling the crunch after watching a considerable price rise.

And it will always continue to play out this way. It is how we learn.

So prepare, adapt and incorporate a system that will keep your investments safe.

To win you have to be in the game...

Why is Property Mentor different from other investment companies?

Our system works.

Many of our team members, including myself have been in property investment for many years, and we have each seen it all. Guru’s…other trainers… have all come and gone, having left nothing beneficial.

We are different.

At Property Mentor, we have stood the test of time and are now probably the oldest property investment training company in the UK market.

And the reason we are the oldest is because we know there is no better business than a system. Look at McDonalds. Their system has more than worked but has given them worldwide success.

And we know we can offer our delegates the same: a proven system that has withstood 1 property boom and 2 recessions.

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