How to Become
a Property Developer

become a property developer Compare property investment to any other form of investing and you'll soon discover why it is 25% more profitable than any other niche…

It is not that stocks, shares, bonds or equities cannot generate their own appetising annual incomes. Quite the opposite… Invest wisely and you can look forward to returns of 8% to 25% a year.

However, unlike property investment, each of these niches is also prone to falling into zero values of -5% to -15%. MEANING if you are don't act fast, you could potentially be at risk of making thousands of pounds in losses at a moments notice.

And we don't know about you, but that is more of a risk than we are willing to take when there are niches out there, such as property, that will NEVER fall below zero value

But What Makes UK Property Investment So Unique?

how to become a property developer Well we have already told you one tempting tit-bit, but here is the real killer…

Equip yourself with the right investment strategies and supporting networks, and no matter the economic climate IT IS possible to invest in property and come away with consistently strong positive cash flows of £300-£1,000 EVERY SINGLE month as well as:

  • Generate instant cash backs of £9,000 the moment you invest
  • Make some of your income 100% tax free LEGALLY
  • Invest in property using little of your own capital

Luckily for you, the market conditions for entering into such a niche have never been more tempting…

From 20%-30% property price falls, to buy to let interest rate deals of only 3.74%, it's true - the UK property investment market has never been more popular!

In the last 12 months alone, landlord ownership has risen from 6.3 properties per property investor to 7. And before you say "a 0.7% increase is nothing"; factor into the equation that there are now more than 800,000 landlords in the UK and that means the rental market has increased by an incredible 560,000 properties extra in just 1 year.

So how can I get involved?

If you too are coming to this page looking for answers about UK property investment, then our following FAQ may be able to help. Below we have compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions to give you an in-depth glimpse into what it takes to get into property development:

How can I get into property development?
become a property developer

New and experienced property developers contact us on a regular basis, seeking advice on how to get into property development, and we always give them the same answer: go on a property investment course.

With the support of a property management course you can ensure that before you invest you are equipped with the best property investment strategies, techniques and mortgage deals that will enable you to remain profitable in ALL financial climates - including the current economic climate!

PLEASE NOTE: When choosing a property investment course, make sure they offer at least 5 investment strategies before signing up. Not every strategy will work in every market. You need to be able to adapt.

How to apply for a council property?

Council houses are notoriously 5%-10% cheaper than other properties on their street which is great news considering average property prices have fallen by at least 20%.

Under new regulations, new builds need to include at least 1 council house per street, meaning if you scout around new building developments you may be able to negotiate a strong deal.

However we recommend taking advantage of council properties which have already been brought by tenants. Not only will this save you the hassle of having to negotiate with councils, but it will also ensure that the property is still cheaper than the rest of the street.

PLEASE NOTE: Even once council properties have been brought, they will continue to remain at 5%-10% below the value of the other properties residing on their street.

How to start a property portfolio?

Despite many misconceptions IT IS possible to become a property tycoon without having thousands of pounds in capital and invest without having to strain your own finances.

Although those with cash to invest will have greater flexibility to harness more buy to let mortgage deals, by using Low Deposit Down investment strategies you can skip the dilemma of having to find 25% deposits and use your property negotiations to let your property pay for themselves.

And this is important if you want to start a property portfolio. By attending a course in property management; acquiring their property investment strategies and harnessing their landlord resources, you can confidently begin researching and stacking your properties without hesitation.

TOP TIP: We suggest researching 100 properties - which you are confident can produce at least £300+ positive cash flows - before you begin narrowing this list down based on their tenancy demand, available mortgage deals and rental yields.

How to become a property millionaire?

You would be very lucky to find a property that could help you to become a property millionaire without further investment; however such circumstances rarely exist especially in the buy to let market.

To become a property millionaire you need to establish a property portfolio of at least 4 properties which can produce positive cash flows of £300-£1,000 every month after your mortgage payments have been deducted. Only with a strong collection of properties can you attain your dreams of becoming a property millionaire.

How to buy repossessed property?

In 2009 alone, over 40,000 properties were repossessed by lenders due to homeowners falling into arrears with their mortgage payments.

Now in most cases, lenders will try to sell these properties quickly at auction, pricing them at 10% below their market value to encourage a faster sale.

However, it is important to note when buying repossessed properties that it is essential that you first research their location, tenancy demand, rental yields and mortgage deals before you bid. An instant discount of £10% may look appealing but this does not mean the property is suitable for buy to let.

For this reason always make sure you go to auctions aware of the profitability and potential cash flows of the properties available. Similarly, set yourself a limit on how high you are willing to bid. The higher you bid, the less profitable the property could become.

Is now the time to invest in property UK?

Yes! The property market is changing and it is changing fast

During the last quarter of 2009 alone, the property market witnessed a significant rise in interest rates and property price booms, which in their wake bolstered the demand for property.

However, unlike other homeowners who are still limited from entering onto the property market because of 25%-40% deposits, for YOU it will be different…

By simply attending a property investment course, you can equip your property portfolio with the investment strategies and property development tips its needs to help you invest using little if any of your own money and secure consistent cash flows without risk.

Landlord Resources

Attending a property management course is only the first step to becoming a property developer and establishing a multi-million pound property portfolio.

property development course To truly succeed, you need to ensure that you have got a thorough knowledge of property and the resources you need to: evict a tenant, calculate your monthly repayments, inform your tenants about rental arrears or strike up a tenancy agreement, to help keep YOU ahead of the game.

Below is a sample of some of the many landlord resource forms we offer on our website. We strongly recommend you take a look:

  • Assured Short Hold Tenancy Agreement - use our template to structure your tenancy agreement and ensure both yours and your tenants rights are protected
  • Section 8 - is your tenant in breach of their contract? Use this form to terminate their agreement by selecting from one of its 17 grounds
  • Rent Arrears Form - should your tenant ever fall into rental areas, this simple form will help you to contact your tenant and prevent any future disputes, should they continue to not pay their rent
  • Mortgage Repayment Calculator - work out the profitability of your pot

Browse through the rest of our landlord resources TODAY and bring your property portfolio one step closer to success. We have got plenty more for you to choose from…

Discover everything you need in just 2 hours…

Imagine being able to know - once and for all - whether property development is right for you without having to spend a single penny?

property development seminar It would be incredible wouldn't it? No pressure to invest… No obligation to continue… Simply the freedom to decide on your OWN terms whether you want to become a property developer or not.

By attending our FREE 2 hour taster session you can experience such satisfaction…

You see, unlike other property courses who will charge you £300 for a consultation of this kind. You can take advantage of our 8 PROVEN investment strategies and 20+ years of property advice - for FREE - and come away from our course under no obligation to attend our Weekend workshop.

In fact, in less than 2 hours you can discover everything you need to know about property investment and walk away with a free education. Incredible!

However, we are confident that once you have seen how our unique Property Mentor system works, you'll be in no doubt about whether or not you want to invest. The proof is in our 2,000 success stories

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