Interested in becoming a part of the ‘buy-to-let crowd’? You can!

And you can get the training to match it too...

If you have been following the property market as diligently as we have, we think you’ll agree… these new developments suggested by the Rugg Report will soon be separating the men from the boys.

first real estate investment In a bid to improve the property market and remove - as the media describes it - the ‘slum landlords’ who have been damaging the reputation of the buy-to-let market.

This report closely examines the relationship between tenant and landlord; and how increasing buy-to-let properties are slowly affecting the demographic of tenancy.

And we have to admit... this report gives you a lot to consider.

Take this statement for example:

  • 1 in 5 tenants are dissatisfied with the quality and maintenance of their properties.

Now considering that 3.1 million homes are privately rented, this figure suggests that there are currently 620,000 people who following a bad spate of accommodations may not recognise that YOU are the real deal.

That your accommodation is different from the rest of them out there and will provide them with the service they deserve.

Something needs to change – on both parts – as this report valuably points out...

This is not a one sided story. Many investors – even as we speak - are losing out on rent due to bad tenant choices. And if they are making losses in their rental income then yes, their overall profits will be suffering too.

So what are you to do?

Well the government have got that angle all covered too – qualifications.

But real and credible qualifications that will put a stop to all this negative press and make the media take buy-to-let more seriously. And best of all… increase the profitability of the property market. Perfect!

And at Property Mentor we can give you just that...

We can provide you with the training to match these standards and escape the cliches that are currently filling the press with inaccurate reports on the property market.

first property investment So yes the media may be telling you that inexperienced and untrained investors are struggling. And yes, many of them now have to sell their properties or re-mortgage them in order to keep themselves afloat.

But this doesn’t mean that you – as a new investor – cannot enter onto the market.

Nor does it mean that the property market is unstable.


It is simply a question of gaining the experience and training to harness these investments, and make real sustainable returns where others have gone wrong.

So forget what you have read in the press. Yes, forget it all. And remember. There is a property market… there are still bargains… and the buy-to-let market… has never been more ripe for the taking.

All we ask is that you give us just 2 hours of your time. 2 hours to prove to you how with the right training and tools, you could be investing with no prior experience using little of your own capital and be earning £300+ PROFIT per property, per month.

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Buy-to-let – what has it got to offer?

So what can you do to make yourself stand out from the crowd? Simple. Recognise what your tenants need and what the property market has really got to offer.

You see this is where many other investors have gone wrong. They have watched the property shows, seen the potential and have half-heartedly jumped into these investments. With no training. No support. Nothing.

And all they are really missing is the training. If they had that, well... that would be a different story altogether.

They too, would know what you know. That as long as their properties can make more than a £300 a month in profit, then equity and everything else that comes with it… won’t
mean a thing.

It’s all about the cash flow, NOT equity. So if your rental properties fall in value… it won’t make a difference to your profits. Especially as you will have no intention to sell. Matthew Lauchlan - Lead Trainer

So, so what if your property goes into negative equity. You will have no plan to sell. Your goal as an investor will be to rent your properties out. That's it. And we have to say, if these average UK rental prices are anything to go by... you'll be doing fine.

Property type Monthly Rental Income
1 bed £796
2 bed £1,002
3 bed £1,197
4 bed £1,311
5+ bed £1,752

In each and every one of these there is a potential profit. Yes, all of them. Take for example the 4 bed house. You’ve got 2 choices. One to split it into 2 separate apartments. Or two keep it as one whole house.

Impressive, yes!

first property investments Now at a first glance this £1,311 may not look a lot, but imagine what you could earn in a year… £15,732. Not bad for 1 hours work a week at £302.54 an hour.

And this is just from one property alone. Times this figure by four and you’ll have a nice plump salary of £62,928 a year. Over 3 times more than the average UK salary. And… achieved for a lot less.

Yet this is not the best of it.

These figures are based on average rental prices across the WHOLE of the UK. Not one city or two. But every single city, region and town in the UK.

And we guarantee that if you look a little closer, you’ll find numerous cities with rental incomes nearly double the ones above. Magic.

And all it takes to become a part of the new ‘Buy-to-let’ crowd? Is just 2 hours of your time to begin with.

2 hours. That’s it. No more. No less.

Give us that time and we are certain, that we can provide you with the confidence to begin investing in any part of the property market and know that all your future properties will be safe and secure.

How? With our training, that's how.

What will you learn in 2 hours? All the answers…

Whilst other property investment courses may tell you to stick to where you know and invest locally, at Property Mentor we are different.

inexperienced investorsWe believe every city, town or region has got the potential to offer incredible property investments. It is just a question of how well you research your properties first.

If you can find a property that has got the demand; that has got all the key components to make your tenants want more, more, more. Then get investing.

In truth, the name of a location or its current popularity has got nothing to do with its rental ability.

Every city has got a demand when you look a little closer. So in essence, all that really matters is whether or not your properties can generate a positive income. The rest? Is just a bonus.

And it is with this awareness that we always recommend that you keep your properties diverse, interesting and new.

Just because it is in London, does not mean it is any better than Cardiff or Newscastle.

No. By keeping your eyes on the prize, you can essentially free yourself from the limitation of investing in just one location. Plus open up your property portfolio to property gems you’d never thought possible.

And at Property Mentor we can help.

In our FREE 2 hour seminar we can show you how to:

  • Become your own boss – Never sick. Never late. Your property can become the perfect employee – always working to keep your profits positive.
  • Make some of your income 100% tax free - how? Using a Property Matrix which we will show you.
  • Invest at bargain prices - other investors may have seen the news and are now running scared, but not you. You can take advantage of all their mistakes and invest for just 80% of the price. Incredible.
  • Get the best deals from your estate agent - we will show you how to invest in the properties YOU want at the price YOU want

Secure your spot NOW...

And you could be investing in properties of all shapes and sizes, from ANYWHERE in the UK. Detached, semi, flat, retail or office… If you are really adventurous you could even invest in a hotel. It’s true...

As we speak, Property Mentors Lead Trainer Matthew Lauchlan is investing in a 47 bedroom hotel in the south of the UK.

And considering that most rooms cost on average £80 a night. If he managed to fill even 20 of these rooms, he would be making a nice round profit of £1,600 a night.

And you can do the same...

Once you have completed our 3 day course we can provide you with the tools to enable you to invest in any property, in any city, from anywhere in the UK.

You don’t even have to leave the house...

With our system you will be able to research the suitability of your properties all from the comfort of your own home. Saving you time, energy and money on viewing and travelling costs.

Plus through our course we can help you to gain the techniques that will give your tenants the confidence to choose you over all other investors.

It is honestly that simple.

 In just 2 hours we can show you how to effectively research and stack up your properties, and earn an easy £300-£1,000 every month for the rest of your life.

And what do you need to get started?

Simply, the initiative to recognise all that the buy-to-let market has got to offer; the strength and will-power to make it happen and the confidence to see that the media can get it wrong.

So get involved today! Taking the step to opening up your investment opportunities is closer than you think...

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20 years of experience in 1 compact system

Still not convinced?

Well, what if we were to tell you that our system has got something others have not… a proven track record. A history of investments covering the lows of the 1990’s and the highs of 2007 - would you give it another chance?

Well, you can.

At Property Mentor we understand the hesitation to invest.

With legislation coming into place that will require all investors to have accredited qualifications – choosing which course can offer you the best training can leave you hesitant. You don’t want to pick the wrong one.

property mentor This is why we have always striven to give our delegates a choice.To let them witness for themselves what our system has really got to offer... First hand.

No hype. No reel upon reel of facts that will leave them confused on where to turn.

But proof.

Proof that once you have completed our training, you will be any to invest in any market, in any city and know that all your properties and skills have met all the government’s standards for housing.

But there is more…

Once you have completed our 3 day course, we will give you full access to 8 PROVEN investment strategies.

8 tools that will enable you to invest in any market, in any financial climate, and earn a positive cash flow each and every month.

And this no hoax.

You see, many of our experts have been on the property market for over 20 years. 20 years that has enabled them to compile a perfected system that is free from the kinks of trail and error and is proven to work.

And not just during a recession either...

From fluctuating interest rates and house prices, we have thought of everything, so that when you do come to invest, you will be able to invest in them all. Yes, ALL of them.

We have covered every angle, change and scenario so you don’t have to!

Why? Because we know what it is like to be looking to invest, to later find what you thought would work, doesn’t.

And for you we want it to be different. We want to free you from these limitations and give you the support and choices we never had.

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So we have opened up our seminar… transformed our 3 day course…. to give you the flexibility and confidence to get investing; to begin building up your property portfolio and let buy-to-let secure your future as it has done for so many of our other delegates.

property investmentWould you believe that in the last 10 years we have helped over 2,500 delegates begin their journey to achieving financial freedom?

It’s true.

10 years that has gone through the transition of both a property boom and a credit crisis.

And yet out of these events, all our delegates - whilst using our system - have been able to adapt in order to build up successful property investing portfolios of all shapes and sizes.

You can do the same.

So no matter your experience, even if you are a beginning property investor at Property Mentor we can give you the tools to make credible investments in any city, in any climate… without a care in the world.

And the government?

Will have nothing to say once they see your portfolio, and your training.

You’ll be meeting their standards in no time. Fantastic!

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