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Whether you are searching to get onto the property investment ladder for the first time, or have been investing in property for the last 20 years. Our property management courses can quickly and efficiently set you on the path to earning £300-£1,000 monthly positive cash flows and teach you how it's possible to buy a house in as little as 30 days of completing our course.

Unlike 95% of other property management courses on the web - who will equip you with 1 maybe 2 investment strategies - at Property Mentor we have formulated 8 proven investment strategies that have withstood 1 property boom AND 2 recessions!

8 PROVEN investment strategies which have successfully enabled us to help over 2,500 new and experienced property investors to create multi-million pound property portfolios of all shapes and sizes.

And you can join them!

Why Should I Be Interested?

We know the curses of trial and error… Of trying to find a property investment which can offer you the tenancy demand, the rental returns and the BTLs to experience month on month positive cash flows without breaking the bank.

That is why we have spent the last 10 years accumulating over 20+ years of property investment experience to give you a credible, care-free route into lasting property investment success.

“Before I came on the course I owned three properties that were producing no monthly income and were leaving me in the negative. Almost every month I was either having to pay the bills myself or subsidise my tenants rent. I knew something had to change, and it had to change soon before I was forced to sell.

I came out of the course with a whole new perspective. I didn't realise simple things like body language and the way you interact with people could make such a difference to your negotiations. But they have. Me and my mate Matthew have started our own property business, and our properties are actually expanding. And this is just the start...” - Jonathan Yale

Even if you have invested in property before, our Financial Experts and unique Property Sourcing Service can successfully help you to increase the rental returns of your existing properties and use the cash generated from these property negotiations to effectively expand your property portfolio.

So what have you got to lose?

Our 2 hour taster sessions are completely free to attend, meaning if you can’t find what you are looking for during our FREE property management course, you can simply walk away without having wasted a single penny!

However, we doubt you’ll have such thoughts once you have witnessed our 8 investment strategies in action…

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What Benefits Do You Offer?

Compared to most property management courses on the market, at Property Mentor we will not just invite you to attend our course; equip you with some investment strategies and then send you on your way. We are committed to supporting you throughout your ENTIRE property investment journey.

property managementThat is why, when you utilise our Property Sourcing service you will not only benefit from our 10%-30% property discounts and the best BTLs in the industry… We will also save you the time, the effort and the money of having to research your properties yourself!

We will do all the hard work for you. ALL the research. ALL the negotiating. EVERYTHING!

  • Property discounts negotiated on your behalf
  • A first class property sourcing service
  • Research into the best property types to invest in
  • Assistance with choosing when and where to invest to achieve maximum return
  • Industry insights from our property and financial experts

On average we have been able to negotiate property discounts of up to 18.7% for our course attendees, and we can do the same for you too. No Deposit Down, All Money Back… we can help you to access all the investment strategies you could ever need so you can confidently renovate your properties, pay for your next investment OR even retire in the next 5 years!

You CAN Plan For Your Investment Future…

At Property Mentor we believe anyone can become a successful property investor if they have got the initiative, the drive and the ambition to keep striving forwards…

For this reason, we have made our property management courses accessible from ANYWHERE in the UK, so no matter where you live or how much time you have got available to invest (1 hour, 5 hours or 20 hours a week); you can harness this lucrative niche and experience REAL financial independence.

So why not let us help you to make your property portfolio all it can be and sign up for one of our FREE 2 hour taster sessions today. With affordable monthly installments of your choice to pick from, expanding your property portfolio has never been more accessible.

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