Dreaming of an early retirement?

You could now retire a millionaire in just 5 years through property...

income in retirementYour retirement should be a golden time. A time when you can spoil yourself rotten and do all the things you've always promised yourself.

Most importantly, it should be financially stress-free.

For many of us though this is simply not the case. And here is why:

  • Problem 1: To qualify for a full state pension, you need to have paid the full NI rate for 90% of your working life: 49 years for men, 44 for women.
  • Problem 2: Even though the government allows married/civil partnerships and divorcees/dissolved civil partnerships to have a state pension based on their partners NI contributions, by 2010, instead of receiving 100% of this amount it will be reduced down to 60-90%.
  • Problem 3: Your NI contributions are currently based on inflation. This creates even more problems, as general earnings rise slightly faster than inflation, causing state pensions to lag behind.
  • Problem 4: The government plans to change this in 2012 by returning NI contributions to earning comparisons. This will make no difference. The fact that salaries only rose by 3.4% in 2008 whilst the cost of living rose by 9%, proves the size of your state pension will be unpredictable.
It's no good relying on the government to support you during your retirement. Not unless you want to live week to week, counting every penny. You have to make plans for your pension investment. And you have to do it NOW!

retirement propertyNow imagine for a moment if you could retire when you want. No worries. No obligations. Just free to make all your lifelong dreams come true. Well you can, in our FREE 2 hour Property Mentor seminar.

At Property Mentor, we can show you how to invest in properties with no prior experience, using little of your own money, and make a profit of £300-£1,000 every single month. It’s that easy. And the key to making this happen? Using other peoples money - namely the banks.

So forget the government… throw their pension rules aside and take charge of your future. In 5 years – yes you heard correctly, - 5 YEARS you could TRIPLE your state pension and be financially free… for life.

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The solution... turn your pension into a lifelong asset

What if we could show you a way to achieve financial independence before you retire - would that be worth just 2 hours of your time?

Yes? You can make it a reality.

Give us just 2 hours and we'll show you:

  • How to get No Deposit Down mortgages. Only available through Property Mentor. We will show you how to negotiate sizeable discounts that will enable you to pay little if anything in deposits.
  • Why the best type of properties to buy are NOT the ones you think. Don't make the same, costly mistakes as the amateur investors. Using our Property Deal Analyser and Research software, you can find the right properties for you, all at a click of a button. Simple.
  • How you can make your income 100% tax freeskip selling your properties, there is no real profit there. Instead, give yourself a substantial bonus, and make your income tax free. You’re wondering how? Through refinancing.

retirement investmentWhether you're brand new to buy-to-let or have already started your property portfolio, we are confident once you have witnessed the effectiveness of our unique system, you’ll agree… the very best way to ensuring the retirement of your dreams is property.

What’s more… we'll even show you why now is the very BEST time for buy to let!

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20 years of experience in 1 simple easy-to-use system

You’ve heard the benefits… like what you have seen so far…you now just wondering – is this all really possible? It is.

retirement propertiesIn fact, our unique step-by-step system has proven its worth time and time again: 2,500 times in fact.

No longer do you have to feel frustrated by the possibility of making mistakes or having to search out the most efficient path. It has all been done for you. And you can access this simple system in just 2 hours.

We have been in property for over 20 years and know first hand the changing volatility of the housing market. From credit crises to property booms we have invested in them all.

For you it will be different.

Unlike 95% of investors who are still trapped within old routines and systems - only profitable 10 years ago - you’ll have access to a perfected system built on 20 years of experience.

Property Mentor Matthew LauchlanA system that has been specifically designed to save you time, energy and money, so you can invest in properties guaranteed to generate you monthly profits whatever the climate – boom or crisis.

And the system? Does it really work? Yes!

Currently Property Mentor Lead Trainer Matthew Lauchlan is using this exact same system to invest in 61 properties worth £17 million. And you too can experience this same success.

A proven system + a predictable market = the perfect pension investment

I know what you’re thinking: but what about the current rental market? Are there still investment opportunities?

It's simple. Buying now means you could pay up to 20% less than the real market value. So your investment property ALREADY has equity.

But let's say the market drops even more, what then...?

income in retirementWho cares?! You won't be a ‘running scared’ amateur property investor. You’ll have a proven air tight system, remember? So in whatever direction the market moves, you’ll be more than prepared, you will already be ready and waiting to harness it to your advantage.

That's the real beauty of this system.

It is not a get rich quick scheme. It's an extremely intelligent, long term SYSTEM. You’re not buying your properties with a view to selling them a year down the road.

They are a cast iron pension investment.

But there’s more...

According to recent surveys, 71% of the population – an astounding 41.78 million people - would rather rent than invest in a mortgage. And you can offer them that solution.

  • Fact 1: Rental incomes are set to rise a further 6.3% in the next two years. (If rental income rises, so does your income.)
  • Fact 2: Since 1994, migration to the UK has increased by an incredible 268,000 a year, and only a third of this number buy a property in the first 3 years of coming to the country. (That leaves almost 180,000 people, PER YEAR and if they aren't buying . . .)
  • Fact 3: Properties purchased 12 months ago have already generated an overall return of 17.4%. And this is even with the capital gain and rental income is taken into account. (17.4% in 12 months. On ONE £100,000 property. That's £17,400. How much was your salary last year?)
  • Fact 4: The percentage of households living in private rental accommodation has risen from 10% in 2002 to 14.2% in 2009 (Your customer base is growing every year)

retirement propertySo take advantage of the blossoming rental market.

If these figures are anything to go by, you will potentially have 17.04 million new tenants every year ready and waiting to boost your pension. The perfect formula for generating long term massive profits, with minimal effort required.

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What will you learn in 2 hours? Everything you need...

Would you believe all our property course trainers, are ex Property Mentor delegates? It’s true. And they ALL practice what they preach.

This means when you attend our FREE 2 hour seminar, you will access to delegates who know first hand the efficiency of our system. Who have stood exactly where you are now, questioning the versatility of our course.

Well, now is your chance...

They're an amazingly knowledgeable, experienced, friendly team. And they are truly the heart of The Property Mentor System. Whatever your fears or queries, you can get your answers straight from the horses mouth.

So really... what have you got to lose?

2 hours of your time? It's extremely unlikely, considering that what you'll learn will make you financially independent for the rest of your life.

property mentorAllowing you to retire how you want and when you want. No terms. No conditions. Just pure freedom.

And considering you would normally pay £300+ an hour for access to a consultation like this. This is a fantastic deal.

In essence, we are offering you the chance to access all our knowledge, skills and strategies - for FREE.

And with our seminars limited to 14 people, you can substantially benefit from the intimacy of our course. Giving you value for your time and guaranteed success.

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5 Reasons why you can succeed – it's that simple

You can experience more than a monthly passive income through property. By attending our FREE 2 hour course, you will learn:

  • How you can buy a property using little of your own cash within just 30 days. Using the 'low deposit down' deals we use everyday of our property investing lives! And you can too.
  • Why property is now the best place to invest. The aftermath of the 'recession' is the perfect time to take advantage of investors who are still running scared and buy their properties at 20% below value.
  • How you can get Estate Agents begging you to buy properties that you want. You'll want to keep this one a secret.
  • How to structure your properties to ensure LONG TERM success. Enjoy gigantic month by month positive cash flows as you continue to expand. In four years, you could be standing where we are today... as property millionaires.
  • Avoid the costly mistakes investors and estate agents have been making during the recent recession.

property mentorAnd all it takes is just 2 short hours. Incredible.

So make your dreams happen.

You'll never have to be concerned with the state of government pensions again.

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