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property development workshops At Property Mentor we strongly believe in the value of keeping your options open. Of thinking outside the box and investing beyond local properties.

That is why we run property investment courses across the ENTIRE breadth of the UK - 7 days a week – to ensure that no matter where you live or how busy your life becomes, you can find a property course at a time and date that suits YOU!

From 2pm, 7.30pm register for one of our FREE property courses now and you can attend 100% confident that our team of property experts will be ready and waiting to answer your property questions plus will show you how to find property gems that are a pure investors dream...

Below are just a sample of the numerous property locations our delegates have successfully built profitable property portfolios; experienced £300+ positive cash flows and received £9,000 in instant cash backs. And luckily for you, many of our property courses are run both, in or nearby, each of these locations.

Come take a look:

  • investment property london


    If we could offer you a city - just 1 - that could provide you with strong profits every single month - would you be tempted to invest? Well look no further...

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  • property investment birmingham


    What would you say if we could show you a location that has got all the perks of city living, but a driving ambition that will set it apart from other cities? Would you be interesting in investing?...

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  • property investment manchester


    Searching for the perfect place to invest but don’t know where to start? Look no further...

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  • property management bristol


    If you too – like so many other investors – are searching for a location that can offer your tenants easy accessibility, beautiful landscapes and job opportunities galore, then you are not alone...

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  • property course nottingham


    Home to the Robin Hood legend and breathtaking classical architecture, Nottingham is steeped in such history, that no matter the age of your tenants they will be impressed with its versatility...

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  • property investment cardiff


    Imagine being to offer your tenants a property surrounded by beautiful scenery and promising career prospects - do you think they would be able to refuse...

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  • coventry investment properties


    What would you do if you could offer your tenants the ultimate combination of city living and picturesque landscapes - do you think they would be tempted? We know we would...

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  • property investment knightsbridge


    Imagine if you could give your tenants the ultimate dream location. A city that has got all the perks of city living, plus culture, history and a beautiful landscape - do you think they would be able to resist...

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  • property course devon


    Situated towards the South West of England, Devon’s array of country cottages and historical architecture make it the perfect get-away for tenants seeking a quiet retreat...

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  • property management essex


    Situated towards the east of England, Essex can easily be described as containing the perfect balance of city living and country retreats...

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  • property management hampshire


    With a GDP of £22.4 billion a year, Hampshire and all its surrounding counties have definitely got a lot to offer to tenants...

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  • property development course


    Recognised across the UK as being the ‘Garden of England’, Kent has definitely got a lot to offer to future potential tenants...

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  • property leicester


    Economically diverse and unique, it is easy to see why Leicester is counted as the 2nd most creative city in the UK...

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  • property management norfolk


    Beneath this quiet exterior Norfolk is bustling with opportunities that could be equally tempting to both you and your tenants...

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  • property investment surrey


    Described as having the highest GDP per capita outside of London, Surrey is a region enriched in culture, history and progression – everything a tenant could wish for within one place...

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  • property investment leeds


    One of the fastest-growing cities in the country and the second largest metropolitan district in the UK, Leeds is the ‘capital city’ of Yorkshire & Humber and the financial capital of the North

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  • property investment liverpool


    With a population of around 450,000, Liverpool was the most successful European Capital of Culture ever thanks to 15 million cultural visits and 7000 events generating £800m worth of economic...

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  • property investment newcastle


    A brilliant choice for property investors is located on the northern bank of the River Tyne a few miles upriver from the coast. Newcastle is the largest city in the north-east of England with a population of about...

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