Repossessed Properties

Repossessed Properties Can Make The Most Profitable Investments... If You Can Find Them.

We’ll Show You How.

property investment opportunity If you are going to invest in property, one of the fastest ways to profit is to buy repossessions. There may be 1000’s of repossessed properties for sale at any one time across the UK, but unless you know where to look, you’re just not going to find them.

Not only are repossessed properties usually 5%-10% below market value compared to the rest of the UK property market but unlike other properties for sale, repossessed properties tend to be kept right out of the public eye.

Estate agents love disguising and hiding these properties away as they think it looks bad on their ‘reputation’, so it is rare that you will ever find a repossessed property advertised as just that, ‘a repossessed property’.

But now you’ve found Property Mentor, unlike other homeowners who are clueless to this process and don’t recognise the investment opportunity before them, for YOU it will be different.

Just give us 2 hours and YOU too can discover how to source these repossessed properties using the best Buy To Let strategies in the industry and invest in property in less than 30 days!

Register for one of our FREE property courses now, and you can benefit from:

  • ONE:A dedicated team of property advisors and financial experts who will show you where, when and how to look for repossessions to buy, to make sure YOU are the one who wins a lenders ‘Notice of Offer’ - no one else.

  • TWO:8 PROVEN investment strategies that will enable you to invest using little, if any, of your own money plus give you instant cash backs of up to £9,000 that will cover the entire cost of paying for essential services i.e. reconnecting the gas, electricity, water, telephone and any repairs.

  • THREE:Having the property knowledge and industry insight to ensure that you have got the finance in place for buying repossessed houses so you can complete the deal FAST, before someone else even has time to bid.

So why not let us help you to become the property investor you know you can be, and attend one of FREE 2 hour taster sessions today? If 2,500 of our other property course delegates can achieve property portfolios of all shapes and sizes, why not you?

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Why repossessed properties?

property development Remember how we mentioned that repossessed properties are cheaper than the average property investment on the market? Well it’s true and there’s a good reason for that...

When banks/building societies repossess properties they want to recoup their losses fast, MEANING more often than not they are willing to accept tens of thousands of pounds below market value, so they can get them off their hands quickly.

Now, we know you are wondering: how are they meant to do that when these same said properties are not publicly advertised? BUT here is where YOU will have the advantage...

Attend our FREE 2 hour Property Mentor course TODAY and not only will we give you the resources to effectively search out, source and acquire these repossessed properties for sale - before anyone else - but we will also show you how to:

  • Negotiate a further 10%-30% off the asking price
  • Invest only in the RIGHT properties in the RIGHT locations at the RIGHT price
  • Fill your property with quality tenants who will cover the ENTIRE cost of your properties expenses
  • Earn £300-£1,000 per property per month - EVERY month

More importantly, with the support of our qualified team of IFA’s, brokers and negotiators you can ensure that you make the most of these repossessed properties and receive only the best Buy To Let’s in the industry!

Discover everything you need in just 2 hours...

property investor Whether you are an experienced property investor looking to expand your property portfolio, or are a first time buyer hoping to use property investment to help you get on the property ladder, with Property Mentor you can feel 100% confident that you are receiving a credible proven investment system that works.

You see, unlike other property courses who will charge you £300 for a consultation of this kind, you can take advantage of our 8 PROVEN investment strategies and 20+ years of property investment experience - for FREE - and walk away from our course under no obligation to attend our Weekend Workshop.

We want you to feel 100% confident in the quality of our property course that is why we have made it completely and utterly free so you can decide on YOUR own terms if property investment is right for you.

If it’s not, you won’t have spent a single penny!

However, we are confident once you have witnessed how our Property Mentor System works, you’ll be in no doubt about whether or not you want to invest. The proof is in our success stories...

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