The Property Mentor Property Workshop

We have been in the property investment business for over 20 years, so we know what makes the market tick.

property workshopFrom the credit crisis of 1989 to our current financial climate, we have invested in them all. And YOU can do the same...

Whatever your age, gender or experience you can feel 100% confident that our system is proven to work and can produce the positive cash flows you so crave.

And how can we be this confident?

Because we have been running for over twelve years and we have helped over 3,500 people.

Our system is simple... By buying low and investing… investing… investing, you too – like so many of our other delegates - can earn instant free equities of up to 15% on your first four properties, at no risk to your finances or your home.

Property Mentor™ is a proven step-by-step system that can help you:

  • Buy property with instant equity – yes you read this correctly - using our proven system you can buy properties with instant equity.

    Think we are exaggerating? It’s true!
    You can now invest in a £100,000 property for only £80,000… all due to the recent recession. Giving YOU £20,000 FREE to invest in property number 2.
  • Generate £300-£1,000 per property, per monthforget bills and mortgage repayments. That's your tenants job. They will pay for it all plus give you an additional £300+ income every month, free for you to use however you want. Holidays… a new car… or maybe your next property venture… the choice is yours.

Of course there is more - a lot more. But before you consider the full course, you should come on our free 2 hour taster session.

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Our Weekend Workshop

At Property Mentor, we are committed to offering you value for your time.

property investmentThis is why we allow only a maximum of 24 people to attend our Full Property Mentor™ courses to ensure you achieve optimum results.

Other businesses may happily allow up to a 100 people to attend their courses, but we are different...

We know from experience that by keeping our numbers low, you can experience the satisfaction of learning EVERYTHING you need to know about property investment in a close intimate environment.

More importantly, during this weekend course you’ll have equal opportunity to utilise our recommended mortgage brokers and solicitors, who recognise our system, know it works and who will be more than happy to help you invest in your very first property.

With their help and advice you’ll be able to construct the right deals on the right properties at the right price; negotiate 18%+ discounts and build up your portfolio using little, if any, of your own money.

And we recommend you give them a try.

It has taken us 20 years to find the right team and we are offering them to you - for free!*

*Once you have attended our Full Weekend Workshop

How much will it all cost?

Compared to other property courses, our initial 2 hour taster session is completely free of charge.

We offer this because we realise you may have reservations about whether or not property investment is right for you. So by giving you the opportunity to overcome these doubts and establish EXACTLY what our course is all about - for free - we are confident that we can prove to you why our Full course can help YOU to succeed.

Plus there is no obligation to join Property Mentor! If after attending this session you decide property investment is not for you, you can walk away from our course having lost NOTHING. Not a single penny of your own money.

However, if after attending our free 2 hour taster session you decide that you want to know more about property, we will give you the opportunity to become one of our full delegates at our Full Weekend Workshops!

Still in doubt?

By becoming a full Property Mentor delegate you will get:

  • A FULL 3 day weekend workshop (food, accommodation and all course material. No hidden extra costs)

    This crash course property investment workshop gives you ALL the knowledge, resources and skills you need to get started and begin finding bargain properties PROVEN to produce positive cash flows.

  • Unlimited Support for networking and asking our property experts questions

    This ensures you have got immediate ongoing access to a wide variety of experienced property investors who can help you to further expand your property knowledge and overcome any obstacles you may encounter.

  • Monthly access to the Property Mentor team.

    This means you get help EXACTLY when you need it from the people who understand how to be a successful property investor the most.

  • Access to an experienced team of financial experts, IFA's and negotiators

    With their support you can ensure that you harness only the best BTL deals in the industry, and never lack expert advice when you need to pull that dream property deal out of the hat.

  • 8 PROVEN investment strategies

    Our investment strategies have successfully helped over 2,500 delegates during the last decade to buy numerous cash flowing properties using little, if any, of their own money. 2,500 delegates through a property boom AND a recession!. So whilst other property investors falter, you can learn from their mistakes and thrive in all market conditions...

  • Access to deal analysing and structuring software

    Before buying any property you will need to analyse it to ensure it produces profit. Our deal analyser and structuring software makes this task easy. With a few clicks of the mouse you will quickly know if the property is right for you.

  • A 30 day ‘business plan’ when you finish the first property workshop

    Many of our delegates choose to invest in property in their spare time whilst continuing in their full-time jobs. However, even a part-time business needs a detailed business plan in order to work, so that is exactly what we will give you.

  • Access to the online forum 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

    This allows you to constantly network and make new friends with other property investors whilst benefiting from fast, informative answers and advice. From complete beginners to seasoned experts, a wide variety of investors utilise our forum for advice, so can remain 100% confident that you'll always have someone to chat to who has stood where you are now.

  • All the knowledge, support and networking advice you could ever need

    This helps you to become a successful property investor capable of generating positive cash flows month in, month out, EVERY SINGLE month. This is achieved through a mid to long-term strategy and not just another get quick rich scheme.

    Tools for success

    Whether you are new to property investment or already have a portfolio of properties, we can show you how to harness the current financial climate and invest all year long… come property boom or credit crisis.

    The market is always evolving...

    A tool that may have worked 10 or 20 years ago, may not work now. That is why we constantly seek to improve our system. To ensure you have always got the right tools to invest in the properties you want and gain discounts you wouldn’t ever thought possible.

    So when can this journey begin? Now.

    property mentorFrom the moment you sign up to our Full Weekend Workshop, we will set you a few simple tasks to complete before you arrive. And our reason for doing all this? We want to maximise your experience, so you can feel 100% confident when negotiating your first deal.

    At Property Mentor™, we know the best way to learn a skill is to implement it, and we have done just that.

    Using the research you have gathered we will show you how to find the right deals for your properties, so you can start stacking and structuring in just a matter of days.

    But our support does not stop there...

    We also offer you the option to attend our additional training days - for free.

    We supply these free extra sessions… plus the delegate’s discussion board… plus the Reality Expansion groups, so you’ll always have someone to turn to for advice if you need it. Your journey into property investment doesn’t have to be a solo one.

    And in just a few short years, you could be where we are today...

    Property Millionaires.

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