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This cosmopolitan city attracts 80,000 new students every year. In other words a massive pool of potential tenants, year after year... great news for investors

A Vibrant University City, Manchester Is Packed
Full Of Property Investment Opportunities

Here’s a city that can provide you with more than a beautiful view… but strong monthly profits, year in, year out.

Search anywhere… the internet… the papers… property articles and you’ll soon spot a pattern.

property investment manchester Manchester is ranked in the top 10 of them all.

As we speak, Manchester is ranked:

  • The 6th best city to go to University
  • The 5th most interesting place to visit

And most importantly:

  • Is situated close to Chester and Warrington - 2 cities voted in the 'Top 20 places to escape the recession'.

And we have to admit, they certainly know how to make an impression.

Nationally recognised as the second largest economic power in the UK, Manchester's breadth and diversity is impressive.

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Interesting Facts That Make Manchester A Fantastic And Profitable Property Investment City

Fact 1:

Manchester is one of the leading pioneers in technology, engineering, computing, research and robotics.

With promising career prospects comes more jobs, and with more jobs... a higher demand for property.

Meaning you will have access to a constantly multiplying supply of tenants who will be more than ready to fill your properties and pay you an easy £300 + every single month.

Fact 2:

property investment in manchesterManchester attracts 80,000 new students every year (both domestic and international), and has the largest campus in Europe.

This is great news for investors, if recent reports are correct.

According to the Letting Industry’s trading body student rent is set to rise by a further 15% in the next 2 years – and yes . . . even during the current economic climate!

Now considering the fact that the average university can only provide 30.12% of their student population with accommodation that means there will potentially be 55,904 students - EVERY YEAR – looking for a place to live in Manchester.

Fact 3:

With a population of 2.6 million people, Manchester boasts the largest economy outside of London with a workforce of 1.2 million people.

And a further 11 million people live in a 50 mile radius of the city.

Do the maths and Manchester’s rate of expansion and fantastic job opportunities, means they are at the limelight of property investment.

Fact 4:

In terms of unemployment, well… they are definitely a cut above the rest. With the average city experiencing a 5.4% unemployment rate, Manchester’s is only 2.9%.

So if you are searching for a tenant who will always be able to pay on time and can afford the price, Manchester’s is the place to be.

Fact 5:

property manchesterProbably the most astounding fact of them all – and one you should always bear in mind as an investor - 65% of the population are under 45 years old.

All too young to retire… All working… and all looking for the perfect home to match their perfect job.

And these are just the tip of the iceberg. Manchester has got much, much more to offer you as an investor.

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property management manchester And with such a diverse range of properties to choose from, you’ll simply be spoilt for choice on what to tackle first.

From residential to commercial, to honing in your skills and focusing on the student accommodation market, your investment opportunities are endless.

In a report released by Knight Frank earlier this year, property investments in office, retail and leisure are worth over £1 billion. Impressed? We are.

Such figures have caught the attention of tens of thousands of young professionals who are coming to the City to set up home. And their rents are pretty incredible too.

Property type To rent (per month)
Studio apartment £568
1 bed flat £620
2 bed flat £800
3 bed flat £1,193
2 bed house £750
3 bed house £881
4 bed house £913
Office £44 a sq ft (per annum)

You can’t lose! House, flat or office, the demand is there and is set to keeping rising.

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