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Wondering If The Property Mentor Course Is Right For You?
A Staggering 98% Of Attendees Are Sure It's Right For Them!

You’re a thorough person, right? Before you move forward with something you like to be informed, so you’ve had a good read through our site and obviously you are now convinced that Buy To Let investment is exactly what you've been looking for.

Quick to start up, a fantastic monthly income and huge long term gains.

When you learn the Property Mentor way,
the system's immune from recession and hugely scalable

And don’t forget, the best part is you are actually having someone else pay YOUR mortgage! But YOU get to keep the property once it’s paid for.

Now that’s both exciting and food for thought. Imagine the profit possibilities as you build your portfolio.

That’s fine, but what about the actual Property Mentor course? After all, it’s the course itself that will give you the tools to succeed, so… is THAT all we say it is?

Well the best way to find out is to hear from other people who have attended. What did they think? That’s exactly what you’re going to find out on this page.

Our Survey Results

After surveying our most recent attendees, 99% of people described our workshops as highly informative and planned to implement our system in the next 30 days!

With 96% stating that they planned to recommend our property course to a friend


  • 1

    How satisfied were you with the Property Mentor course?


    517/528 attendees rated us 3 or higher

  • 2

    Have your expectations of the course been fulfilled?


    515/534 attendees rated us 3 or higher

Course Content

  • 3

    How would you rate our property investment tools?


    504/527 respondents rated us 3 or higher

  • 4

    How would you now rate your knowledge of property basics?


    513/535 attendees rated us 3 or higher

  • 5

    How would you rate our negotiation training?


    477/532 attendees rated us 3 or higher

  • 6

    How would you rate the Property Mentor presenter?


    531/539 attendees rated presenters 3 or higher

Course Outcome

  • 7

    Would you recommend us to a friend?


    417/431 attendees said Yes

  • 8

    How would you rate your confidence in investing?


    487/540 attendees rated us 3 or higher

  • 9

    How would you rate the venue & service?


    481/536 attendees rated us 3 or higher

Figures are based on the number of people who responded to each question.

Become One of Our Satisfied Delegates

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You’ll learn about the exciting and profitable world of Buy To Let property investment and how it can quickly give you complete financial security.

Once you have experienced that, we’re sure you’ll agree that you’ll consider moving up to the full course. This is our total brain dump of 20+ years in property investing, crafted into a step by step system to ensure your success.

You’ll also be taking advantage of the extra exclusive resources, property and finance sourcing, mentoring and group days - the value of which is incalculable.

So pop your postcode in below and let’s get started!

*if delegates have paid the full amount for the course. Read terms and conditions

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