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At Property Mentor we have all stood where you are now - looking to invest - so we know first hand how it feels to have lingering questions about the property investment market. Will it work? What does it entail?

It's okay...

To help you with your decision we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions, so any queries or concerns you want answering... you can find it all here. These questions cover everything: the free 2 hour course, the full three day course... we have covered it all.

It really couldn't be simpler; however if you still can't find the answer to the question you are looking for, then please call us on 01908 309274. We'll be more than happy to help.


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Why are you offering this course? Don't you make enough money from property?

Well yes we do, but that is not the reason we teach the Property Mentor course. You see, we've built a portfolio the hard way. All the trial and error, all the mistakes... we did it alone with no support or guidance to help us through it.

For you we want it to be different. We want you to succeed, so we have created this exclusive course to give you the chances we didn't have. To make your journey into property investment easier than ours was.

Our ultimate goal is to set up a community of like-minded people. A group that is dedicated to helping each other succeed, and committed to passing on all their skills and tools to the next generation of Property Mentor delegates.

We know from experience that some of our larger and more lucrative deals would have been very difficult to exploit on our own, but with a group it was easy.

That is why we encourage all our Property Mentor delegates to meet and talk regularly. So that all their experiences can benefit the learning curve of others, and create a stronger community from it.

In fact, we have documented proof that this can quicken their progress towards their goals.

It is all about teamwork.

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Do you offer property to your delegates?

No, absolutely not. Other property investment companies may tell you to 'invest here' or 'buy this property there', but we are different. For a start, our course is purely educational. No catches or hidden clauses. Just the pure opportunity to learn.

We do agree with you though.

There are too many 'seminar' companies (talk shops, not courses) out there exploiting their delegates. Too many who are damaging the name of reputable companies such as ourselves by trying to pass on off-plan properties to you after their course. It's incredible what lengths they will go to.

Take the aged old favourite 'we have managed to negotiate a 'deal' from a builder - just for you.' It's a classic - we all know it - yet the most surprising part is that they want you to pay for it!!! Even after everything else!

In essence, they are first asking you to pay to learn how to become a creative property investor, and are then charging you for finding a property. It's crazy and makes no sense at all. Yet there are hundreds of companies doing this every single day.

Even more worryingly, is the type of properties that they then try to offer you.

More often than not they buy these properties 'in bulk' and release them 'in bulk'. And guess what happens to the rentals values when there are lots of properties released at the same time in the same area... they drop.

We don't work like that.

At Property Mentor, our course is specifically designed to help you research your own properties from anywhere in the UK.

Of course we will be on hand to lend advice and guidance, but the properties you pursue will be through your choice and your choice alone. We will only be there to support you. Nothing more.

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What about property sourcing?

Whilst we do not 'sell' properties to our delegates (like other unscrupulous property courses on the market), under our New Guarantee we do offer an optional property sourcing service which you can take advantage of when you attend one of our full property workshops...

Of course, after this first initial property investment, you can choose to continue using our property sourcing service for a small fee, but with the support of our 8 proven investment strategies you will successfully be able to implement these tools independently as well. Meaning you will always remain in control of your investment choices.

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What can go wrong? Can I get into a lot of debt?

Yes, you can get into a lot of debt, but it is 'good debt'. We know we've just slightly confused you - how can any debt be good? But it can!

You see, although you may be taking out a loan to get a mortgage, it won't be you who will be paying for it. No. Not one penny. Your tenants will be paying for it all.

It's incredibly simple...

By using our techniques you can buy a lot of property - and yes have a lot of debt - but it's all 'good debt'. Good debt that will pay for itself.

NOTE: We DO NOT advocate using credit cards or taking out bank loans to buy property. Yet incredibly some courses actually do!

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One of your main claims appears to be that you can get £300 positive cash flows from a single property - How is this possible?

Aha - that's one of the secrets! You need to come on one of our free 2 hour property courses to get this answer.

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Does your property course involve paying a sum of money in order to buy a property?

No. The fantastic thing about our system is that it can help you to invest in property using little of your own money, with no financial risk to your home. Plus with the assistance of our specialised software you can research the profitability of your properties all from the comfort of your own home.

We don't offer properties to our delegates like other property courses do. No. We want you to be able to leave our course confident that you can invest in any market, in any city - independently.

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How do you get the cash flow from the properties?

The way we approach properties is very different to most other investors.

For a start, whereas 95% of property investors still use the same outdated systems they used back during the property boom, at Property Mentor we have learnt to adapt. We constantly seek to move with the changing climate to ensure our delegates are always able to invest, no matter the altering economy.

So how are we able to obtain huge positive cash flows from property? I'm afraid that is one of the secrets of the course. Ssshhhh!

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Will this system work in all parts of the country?

Yes! In any city, town or village.

In fact, it is one of the main reasons we run our courses all over the UK. To prove to our delegates that every city, town or region has got real investment potential. You just need to know where to look, and where to apply our techniques...

We promise by using our specialised software, you'll soon be able to find the perfect property. One that has got all the perks: consistent tenancy demands, strong BTL's and a positive cash flow, every single month.

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Does this work for residential or commercial property or both?

Our course initially focuses on the residential property market, but yes you can eventually branch out into commercial property investments as well. It is what we describe as 'stage two' of your investment career.

And let us tell you, since we started Property Mentor in 2000, many of our 2,500 delegates are already at this stage and are loving it.

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What's the advantage of buying land?

A lot, if you know how to use it.

As a island, land in the UK is a precious commodity. We have only got so much space, so buying land - in the long run - could provide you with a huge advantage. It just then simply becomes the case of how you use it.

Land alone makes little cash flow. It is only when you introduce property - the banks next love - that you can generate a substantial cash flow from your land.

But if you are interested in pursuing land investments, we recommend that you wait until later in your investing career before you pursue them. Why? Because you need to think ahead.

To create a build, you need cash. And to create cash, you need to establish your property portfolio first. REMEMBER: what you do now will work for you again in the future, so remember to pace yourself and know when it is the right time to invest.

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What happens if the property market goes into a recession again?

Nothing. Well, more than nothing... you as an investor will be investing like never before. Why? It's simple.

In the UK property market - when prices start falling most people start selling, and when people start selling, the bargains will come rolling. It's an incredible opportunity.

You see, even though everyone will want to sell, no one - except you - will be able to buy.

And if no one can buy, you can tempt them with your insatiable bargains that they won't be able to refuse.

But what about the rental market? Well, here is the best part. No matter the financial climate, there will always be a demand.

Take for instance this statistic. Since 2001, the number of UK households renting has risen from 1 million to 3.1 million. That is an astounding 2.1 million increase DESPITE the property market going through a property boom and a recession during the last decade!

Now add to the equation the fact that the government is struggling to produce even a quarter of the 400,000 new property developments they promised annually, and even if property prices decide to start falling again, this won't make a difference to your rental income. If anything it will either stay the same or keep rising with the demand.

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Can you provide us with a Mortgage Broker, Conveyancer, Surveyor etc?

Yes - with the help of our Property Mentor Finance team, you can gain direct access to our brokers, negotiators, IFA's and Solicitor/Conveyancing team, and begin investing in as little as 30 days.

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Do we have to use your team?

No, of course not, but we have to admit they are a great team. It has taken us 20+ years to find them and that time is not something everyone has. That is why, we recommend that you do use them until you are able to set up your own team. They will be well worth your time.

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What reassurances can you offer that your system works?

We have helped over 2,500 new and experienced property investors to get onto the property ladder to date and this figure is still growing. Yet we understand that when it comes to picking a property course, you want credible proof that it works.

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Course Content

Do you cover borrowing overseas?

No. On the course we focus purely on the UK property market. However these same techniques can be used abroad. Take for instance the US and Spanish property market. They too have felt the highs of the property boom and the lows of the recent recession, and have equally presented many appetising property investment opportunities...

The property market is essentially globally connected, so should you choose to invest abroad, our techniques could help you there too. Our only recommendation is prior to investing that you make sure you are fully aware of all their property legislation's and have got a thorough knowledge of their land laws.

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Do you cover repossessed properties?

Yes, we do. Whilst repossessed properties may present a bit of a taboo in the property investment world as a whole, with the right investment strategies they can prove increasingly profitable...

Even during a normal financial climate, repossessed properties are notoriously 5%-10% cheaper than other properties, so you can imagine the opportunities these properties can present during a boom or a recession.

However, with the support of our financial experts they can help you to have the finance in place to buy repossessed properties; show you how to invest using little, if any, of your own money, and more importantly show you when, where and how to look for quality repossessions.

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Are we using limited company or offshore structure to purchase properties?

Well now… that would be telling. Come on the course and find out!

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How do banks lend money for investment property?

Their system is incredibly simple. Whereas, when you come to invest in residential property, banks will base the size of your mortgage on your salary. With buy to let, as long as your property investment is able to produce 125% of its mortgage repayments in rent, they will happily give you a loan.*

*Based on an average 85% LTV loan.

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Do you advise buying via agents, privately or from builders?

Any! Everyone is different. A technique that works on one person, may not work on another, so always strive to keep your options open. You may find a hidden gem where you weren't expecting one.

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Does your course talk about Mortgages Notes? What are they?

Yes, we have got all these topics covered, so don't worry you're in safe hands. During our additional training days, we will ensure that even the smallest details such as mortgage notes are explained so you can feel confident when investing.

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Will you tell us how to find deals?

Yes. The Property Mentor™ System covers everything that you need to do, everyday as a property investor... from finding property to letting it out. We have covered all the bases.

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Do your techniques work for all types of residential property?

Yes! Detached, semi-detached or terraced... with our system you will be able to invest in them all.

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Does infrastructure proximity have an impact on where we buy?

Yes and... no. One of the key aspects of the Property Mentor™ system involves taking into account these infrastructures, so that when you are researching your properties, you will know which are the right deals for you.

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What sources of research do you use?

As many as we can get our hands on! The more research you do the better! Newspapers, estate agents, the internet, property portals... we will tell you which are the best sources to use and will even provide you with the software to do the analysis on.

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Do you cover non UK property?

No, we don't. The Property Mentor™ course specialises on UK property.

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Do you cover 'back to back' deals?

Yes, and yet no. We don't cover this property investment technique explicitly as our goal is to teach you how to transform properties into property lets - NOT to sell; however you can use techniques from our course to do this.

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Do you cover buying 'off plan'?

Yes, we do. Although some investments, such as 'off plan' may not work during a credit crisis, we will provide you with all the tools you need to invest when we go into our next boom. With our system, you will always be able to confidently invest in any market, come property boom or recession.

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Do you teach whether to use an interest only or repayment mortgage?

Yes we do teach both, but the decision to pursue these will be yours alone to decide. Our goal is to give you options; a variety of choice. In the end, picking an interest only or repayment mortgage will be purely up to you.

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What type of property is best - new or second hand?

Both. You can potentially achieve a substantial income from either of these properties. It just depends on your situation, the deal and how you've structured your portfolio.

This is why property is so fascinating.

New or second hand, each have got so much investment potential.

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Do you deal with auctions?

No, we tend not to buy at auctions. Why? Because we know that we can make more money - quickly - by buying property that doesn't need work doing to it.

Auctions can come at a big risk, if you don't view the property before hand. What may look like a bargain in the guide, may be a property that needs too much work doing to it. Work that could cost you time, energy and money as you bring it up to standard.

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Other seminars take up to three or four days - how come yours is just three days?

Our free course is just 2 hours, however the full course is run over 3 days.

What makes us different is that we focus on what works; on teaching you ways to develop your portfolio quickly so you can benefit from a tax free income.

The rest are just overcomplicated.

During those 3 to 4 days, they will talk you through complex purchasing techniques, but where is the guarantee that they will work? Exactly. Most of their techniques would be hard, if not impossible, to apply to real life.

Why waste your time, energy and money on techniques that won't work. Our delegates can use those extra days to start researching, get stacking and begin investing in property - in just a matter of days.

The whole focus of the course is to get you out buying, investing and learning. There is no point talking about advanced topics of accounting and tax when you don't have any property.

You need to put what you have learnt into practice. And after the course? We will be there to support you every step of the way through our additional training days.

So yes, you may get those initial 4 days of training from other investment courses, but at Property Mentor we can give you FOUR YEARS of extra training - 54 days of expert advice and tips that will prepare you for anything. What other company can do that?

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Do you give written and printed material during the course?

Yes we do!

1) You receive a Property Mentor™ workbook that contains all the hand outs and exercises.

2) After the course you get access to the Property Mentor™ delegates web site where you can download various documents and guides.

So if there is anything you are unsure about or want to try again, these exercises will give you just that!

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Do you offer any other Landlord Resources?

Yes we do. We strongly believe in providing you with the resources to make a credible success of your buy to let investments, and this includes providing you with a variety of free downloadable landlord forms. From Section 8 to Rent Arrears, Tenant Guarantor Forms to Mortgage Repayment Calculators, we have covered all the bases.

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By the end of the course will we have a proven system that shows step by step what to do and two ensures money will be made from property? Can this system be easily referred to?

When we say 'we practice what we preach', we mean it. The system, the tools, the software... you will have full access to it all.

So compared to other courses, who will only give you advice and tips; when you attend our full property course we will give you full access to the very same system we use everyday of our investing lives! Plus we will also give you a detailed workbook that will guide you through everything...

We have spent the last 20+ years formulating our 8 investment strategies, 20+ years which have enabled us to test our system, recognise it works and help over 2,500 of our Property Mentor course attendees to create profitable property portfolios. And we are confident that our system can help you to achieve this same success too. So give us a call!

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Your Circumstances

Do you have to have a lot of money in savings or have a high paying job to do this?

No. We started out with practically nothing, and you can do the same. In fact your job has very little to do with buying investment property. It is the property you choose, the rent it can generate and its location that is the deal sealer. Once your bank spots the collateral potential of this property, they'll be more than interested in your investment proposal. They'll be ready to sign.

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I'm a complete Beginner - Is the course for me?

Absolutely! Even if you are new to property investment, our course covers everything you need to know about investing in property, plus much, much more...

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I don't have the best credit history in the world - Is there any point in me attending?


One of our biggest promotions about our course is the fact that we can show you how to invest in property using little of your own money. And it's real...

You see, property investment has very little to do with you as a borrower. No. When it comes to property investment, lenders are much more interested in the rental assessment. Their main concern is: will the property work, not whether you can afford it! So are long as you can source a property that is capable of producing 125% of its mortgage payments in rent, your credit history won't matter.

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No, you don't understand... I really do have a bad credit history

If that is the case, we recommend getting your credit file from experian and equifax, and speaking to a mortgage broker. If they think you can get a mortgage, then book on the course.

We are confident that no matter your financial situation, you too can benefit from property investment. So give us a call.

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How could bankruptcy affect me using the system?

It can, but not in a bad way!

If you are currently bankrupt, then chances are you are not able to obtain a mortgage, but it doesn't have to be this way. Using our proven property investment system, if you have been cleared of bankruptcy in the last few years, our team of financial experts can help you to get a mortgage and invest.

So give us a call. You can turn your finances around.

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Can we still keep our day jobs or is property investment a full time job?

Yes. In fact, you can research and build up your portfolio all in your spare time! Property is incredible versatile... Yes, there may be some hard work and research to begin with as you stack your properties, but once you get started you too could soon be spending as little as 1 hour a week maintaining them. Great!

And should you decide that you want to turn property investment into a full time career, you can do that too...

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Is there a way where I can pay for the course from the profit I make?

Yes! You can easily spread out the cost of our full property course, using one of our interest free payment plans.

The full cost will still remain the same; however all you will need to pay to attend is a deposit followed by affordable monthly payments on one of our flexible payment plans. And if your first deal proves fantastic, this remaining balance could be cleared sooner than you think.

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I have made £millions in property - what can anyone teach me?

In property there is always something new to learn. We are still learning ourselves...

What we are offering on our course are new, unique techniques that could help accelerate your property portfolio even quicker, and help you to invest in all market conditions.

You'll be surprised by how much a simple trick can affect your portfolios profitability.

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I am not even on the property ladder yet and just rent. Would that hinder me in anyway with banks?

In a simple word NO. If anything this is the perfect opportunity to get on the property ladder and make yourself the 'landlord'. You can even use our Property Mentor system to turn your very first investment into your very first home, as well as benefit from being able to invest in bigger and better properties due to buy to let :-)

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I am a resident offshore. Can I apply your property scheme by purchasing properties through an offshore structure?

Yes, in fact that is part of what we teach on the course.

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How can I check course availability?

Easy. By checking the bookings page or giving us a call on 01908 309274. We regularly update our site to ensure that you will always be able to access one of our many courses. So take a look and book onto your nearest course.

Similarly by utilising our unique postcode checker, you can now narrow down your property course search to within 50 miles of your home; check our course availability and see who your presenter will be.

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Can I pay with my credit card?

Yes. Just call us on 01908 309274 and we can take your booking over the phone. Alternatively you can book your place via the website!

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The course

How much money can I make from your course?


Well, how much do you want to make? What we are offering is more than an investment opportunity, it's a blueprint for investment success, whether you're looking to invest in just one property... or 10... or even 50 the Property Mentor System works on all levels, restricted only by how much effort you are willing to put into building your property portfolio.

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How many people attend the course?

We allow only a maximum of 24 delegates to attend our seminar. Why? Because we believe in the power of learning. In bigger groups, being able to put in your own personal input can often be overshadowed, but in a close intimate group, you can take advantage of all our skills, all our experience and know you are getting the best advice.

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How intense is the course?

We have to admit the course is intense. Starting at 12.30pm on Friday and finishing at 5pm on Sunday.

You will need to have stamina. But it is worth it. We have helped thousands of people aged 18 to 65 years to become successful delegates on our course. And you can join them.

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How many courses have you had? What's the success rate?

We've been running the course since July 2003, with roughly one course a month.

Our success rate from the first course is 100%, and our current success rate is just over the 98% (this includes most current courses where delegates might not have done deals yet).

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How much property has been bought through your courses?

Whilst writing this, our delegates have managed to buy over £60 million of property in 14 months! Yes, even during the recent recession!

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What about any negative feedback? You have not mentioned anyone who has failed on your website. Is everyone successful?

So far we have had only one delegate drop out and stop building their portfolio. But out of the delegate base roughly 60% have done deals, 39.9% are working towards deals, and 0.0005% have dropped out.

On the Property Mentor™ course we teach a system - we don't hand a £1 million property portfolio to you on a silver platter. You have to do the work. The research. The stacking.

Will it be hard at times... yes!

Will you hit brick walls… yes!

Will you feel like giving up… yes!

Should you give up... no!

The choice IS yours, but at Property Mentor we feel the benefits of property investment are just too good to ignore. By investing you can help more than just yourself but can support your family for the rest of their lives. All you need to do is stay focused and the rest will come naturally.

And we have it say, it is well worth it.

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What are the downfalls?

We used to say that the worst thing that you could do after a Property Mentor course is not do anything. But we now realise that the worst thing that could happen is you make a mistake and buy the wrong kind of property after the course.

This is why research is such a key aspect to the Property Mentor™ system. It is important to know before you buy that there is a rental demand for your properties.

If there is not, the worst thing that could happen is that you sell, and if you sell the profits you will make will only be short term.

You need to research.

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When do we begin to make profit - straight away or over a long period of time?

We can best explain this by using an example:

If you have invested - using one of our techniques - you should essentially be able to make money on it the very same month. It's true!

Depending on when the deal is completed and the contracts are exchanged, you too could experience the success of some our delegates, who have got the keys to their first property in less than a month and were able to rent it out straight away.

But even then, negotiate the right discount off your property and you too can benefit from instant cash backs of up to £9,000 the moment you invest.

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Is it possible to obtain the course materials remotely or on CDROM/DVD?


We believe the best way to learn is through practice; from learning from your mistakes and being surrounded by trainers who can help and guide you if there is anything you are not sure about.

Remote/distance learning cannot give you this level of support or the input you may need... it will be too far away. That is why once you have completed our full property course, you will also be able to benefit from our additional mentoring days where you will be able to meet our course trainers and discuss first hand methods for improving your property portfolio.

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How much help do I get after the course?


After the course you will instantly be given access to the delegates' section of the website and be able to attend our monthly mentoring sessions as many times as you want.

But if that wasn't enough, you will also be given the additional option to utilise our Property Mentor Finance Team who will be able to supply you with 20 in-house lenders, buy to let finance, commercial finance, insurance... essentially everything you need to invest confidently.

What more can you ask for?

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