'That is our definition of financial freedom'

And yes, that includes your mortgage and bills and in fact everything that presents a drain on your current finances. Property investment can cover ALL these costs, plus give you a positive income each month... EVERY month.

We know firsthand the changing volatility of the housing market. That is why we are offering you access to a perfected system built on 30 years of experience, so you can escape the mistakes made by other investors and leap to the top of your competition.

You can learn how to do this simply by attending our property management courses and joining our renowned ongoing mentoring programme. Just like our 4000 successful delegates, you can learn how you can turn 'cash flow' to your advantage, and give your family continued financial security... for life.

We have proven that whatever your age, gender or current financial situation you can learn how to turn property investment into a successful business that can be passed onto your children... generation to generation. Whether you are just starting out in property investment or you are seeking to extend your career, our proven system will ensure that you know how to always make money from property.

Our Services

We believe in giving you MORE than training, tips and techniques, but a strong framework to support you as you begin your path to building a powerful, profitable portfolio.

We understand that starting out in any business, whether new or experienced, can feel like a challenge...

That is why we offer all our affiliates a ‘one stop property shop’ that provides exclusive access to the system that is making us more money now than during the ‘Boom’! And on top of that, you also get access to renowned training sessions and bespoke expert advice; guaranteed to accelerate your property career.

And the fee? There is no fee once you become a delegate

  • Most of our delegates begin their journey by attending a FREE 2 hour property investment course. At zero cost, with no-obligation to take anything further, this reputable course outlines the benefits of becoming a property investor and shows you how you can achieve financial freedom.

  • Fancy an enjoyable weekend stay at a top hotel while learning the property investment skills that could just change your life?

    That’s exactly what you’ll get and more with us!

    By attending this weekend course you will learn proven skills and unique techniques needed to begin or extend your property portfolio. And you’ll start practising these skills straight away! From the moment you begin our workshop we will get you working on property searches and negotiating your first deal. Practice makes perfect, after all.

    At the end of the weekend, when you’re loaded with life changing skills and knowledge, our team of experts will advise you on how to design a 30 day action plan that will suit your own personal needs and strengths. You will also be provided with the resources to successfully research your properties. By using our Property Deal Analyser and Research software you can check the suitability of the properties you are interested in - ALL from the comfort of your own home, saving you time, energy and money.

  • These sessions are there for your sole use. Once you have completed our 3 day Property Mentor workshop we will give you access to an additional 10 days of training, each and every year for as long as you wish to use us!

    Here you will gain access to up-to-date information about the current property market as well as our team of experts who are always on hand to provide you with in-depth advice and guidance.

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  • When you join our community of delegates you are given access to our 24/7 discussion forum for those moments when you feel you could do with a helping hand.

    We guarantee any question you can think of about property investment has already been answered. And the reason we are this confident? We currently have over 27,000 posts on this forum!

  • In addition to being able to talk to our experienced delegates 24/7 on our discussion forum, our delegates also organise regular informal regional meetings where they get together to help one another.

    From those first initial steps until your portfolio is strong, we will be there to advise and guide you every step of the way.

    Your journey to success does not have to be a solo one. So take the step. In just one year you could be standing where we are now...

To find out exactly how you can earn serious money through property investment, sign up to the UK’s No.1 property course today.

Completely FREE, available across nationwide locations and with no-obligation to take anything further, what have you got to lose by coming along?

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