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Q: Where do I Start if I Want to Be a Landlord

Where do I start if I want to become a landlord?

From Shaun Pegg | Fullham | 02/06/2010 | Landlord

A: If you are new to property investment or have got no prior property knowledge, the key to ensuring that you make a success of becoming a property landlord is training.

Property courses can not only equip you with the investment strategies you need to invest No or Low Deposit Down; they can also supply you with the tools you need to effectively research, stack and invest in the right properties, as well as give you a strong support network to build from (a financial team, investor network, long term mentoring days etc).

Similarly, it is important to learn the legalities behind your properties i.e. your responsibilities as a landlord; yours and your tenants rights and what regulations you must adhere to. For instance, as a landlord you need to be aware of the clauses within your tenants Assured Tenancy Agreement to ensure you are protected in the event your tenant goes into arrrears or refuses to leave the property. I recommend finding a quality source for landlord resources and discussing anything you are unsure of with a solicitor.

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