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    From Francesca Hopley | 2010-10-18
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    From Craig Finchley | 2010-10-09
  4. My tenant has issued me with a notice of disrepair. Do I still need to do this repair if they have not paid their rent?

    From Caroline Thompson | 2010-09-15
  5. I have legally evicted a tenant from my property let, but they are refusing to give their keys back. What should I do?

    From Matt Collins | 2010-09-14
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    From Joanne Collins | 2010-06-21
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    From Andrew Smith | 2010-06-05
  10. Should I Invest in Residential or Commerical Property?

    From Katie Frost | 2010-06-04
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    From Chris Scott | 2010-06-03
  12. How to Finance Property Development

    From Robert Garmet | 2010-06-02
  13. Where do I Start if I Want to Be a Landlord

    From Shaun Pegg | 2010-06-02
  14. How to Buy a Second Property

    From Sarah Bent | 2010-05-31
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