FACT: No Money Down Is A Thing Of The Past

Follow This Updated For 2013 PROVEN Strategy, Step By Step And YOU WILL MAKE £300 - £1000 Per Property, Per Month… For The Rest Of Your Life

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With No Money Down deals becoming rarer and banks now forcing property buyers to make larger deposits, you need these new tactics for 2013 to ensure FAST profits.

In fact without these cutting edge tactics, you could be doomed to failure, before you even start.

But let’s forget the doom and gloom, once and for all. Because we have good news for you. Lot’s of good news.

For starters…

In 2013 Property Is Still The Best Investment You Can Make.

So stop worrying about the recession and the credit crunch, because none of it matters when you use the updated for 2011 Property Mentor system.

Property - Stock Comparison

The bottom line is that we are constantly adapting our investment strategies and techniques to make sure they work right now. In fact, we have just made the biggest changes for over 3 years to the way that we are advising our members to invest.

Our members have already started using the new system, in fact they have been helping us to develop and fine tune it for a couple of months now…

And they saw huge returns immediately!

So by adapting to meet the changes in the market and to overcome the challenges of investing in property in 2013, our updated course now includes:

  • 7 Updated cutting edge financial tools
  • 3 BRAND NEW ways to invest extremely profitably (depending on your circumstances)
  • How to invest in property TODAY without tying up any of your own capital
  • How to find a cash-flowing property, quickly and easily, RIGHT NOW
  • How to get a tenant in your property IMMEDIATELY

If these things don’t get you excited about the profits you are going to make, then maybe property investment is not for you.

Which would be a shame because our proven and tested over time strategies, along with fresh ideas and tactics to ensure our system works TODAY… will be profitable for you RIGHT NOW in 2013.

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These are not ‘second hand’ strategies we’ve simply picked up from the internet. And this is not one of those ridiculous deals selling an ebook that the site owner has never even read, but they profess to be able to teach you how to make a fortune.

Far from it. In fact we actually use these strategies ourselves every day.

And because we have done for the last 8 years, we know when something needs changing and updating. So you get the most up to date info because we constantly tweak and adjust the system to create more and more profits.

So Just How Profitable is ‘Profitable’?

Very profitable.

Follow the Property Mentor system step by step and you will make £300 - £1000 per property, per month. And yes that IS for the rest of your life. Or until you decide to sell the property… at a huge profit obviously.

And yes, of course you can scale this up as much as you like. So £300 - £1000 per property means:

  • If you own 5 properties: we’re £1000 - £5000 per MONTH. PROFIT
  • If you own 10 properties: we’re £3000 - £10,000 per MONTH. PROFIT
  • If you own 20 properties: we’re £4000 - £20,000 per MONTH. PROFIT

And you’d be surprised at how many people own in-between 10 and 20 properties. It’s NOT difficult to do using the updated for 2013 Property Mentor system.

But even if you stick at 5 properties… £1000 to £5000 is way more than the average wage. And you’ll be ‘working’ just a few hours a week for that.

So forget everything you’ve seen regarding property investment before…

THIS Is A Unique, Staggeringly Successful Blueprint, Refined Over The Last 5 Years… And Updated For 2013!

You’ll simply love how clever this system is and have a smug smile on your face once you realise its potential to release you from the 9 to 5 grind… VERY quickly.

If you are looking for:

  • A large and growing monthly income, from MONTH ONE
  • The equity, security and prestige of owning multiple properties
  • A way to achieve this WITHOUT huge capital and with ZERO previous property experience

… you’re going to LOVE Property Mentor.

We offer regular free 2 hour taster courses, in venues all across the country.

All you have to do is book onto one, turn up, forget what you’ve already learnt about making money from property and prepare to become a lean mean property machine. Seriously.

Original Course New Course
7 proven investment strategies tick tick
Unique Research and Analysis software tick tick
Unlimited access to Property experts tick tick
Investment advice from top financial experts tick tick
Creating a successful Business plan tick tick
Network with 1,000s of property investors tick tick
Assistance choosing investment location tick tick
Area demand reports for all investments tick tick
Buy using other people's money tick tick
Discounts negotiated on your behalf tick tick
Achieve a tax free income tick tick
Inheritance tax planning tick tick
Mortgage certificate tick tick
ALL within 12 months! tick tick

In Our 2 hour Free Course You’ll Learn . .

  • How to earn £300-£1,000 per month, within just a few short months of completing the course
  • Invest in properties at 20% below their asking price.
  • Why the best type of properties to buy are NOT the ones you think.
  • Why property is now the best place to invest… while many investors who are running scared because they do NOT know any better.
  • How to ensure a positive cash flow. This will give you monthly income
  • above any costs. Initially between £300-£1000 per a month.
  • How you can get Estate Agents begging you to buy properties that you want.
  • How you can achieve a 'tax free income' in a 100% legal and easy to follow way. Learn how you can have some of your income tax free!
  • Our success and our property investment portfolios! Listen to exactly how we are making our fortune and how you can do the same.

It’s all in the foolproof system…

They're an amazingly knowledgeable, experienced, friendly team. And they are truly the heart of The Property Mentor™ System. Living, breathing and approachable people, just like you.

Not just instructions on a page.

There’s NOTHING stopping you booking your place right now

But there are so many reasons you’ll kick yourself if you don’t:

  • New for 2013: Property Mentor has just made the biggest changes for over 3 years to the way that we are advising our members to profitably invest.
  • The Property Mentor 2 hour course is FREE. As we run them nationwide, every week, there’s one convenient to you.
  • You are obviously interested in property investment, or you wouldn’t be here.
  • You are obviously interested in making money from it.
  • You obviously want to make money fast. Who wants to make money slow?!
  • You can see the sense in having the usual equity of long term property investment, but love the fact that you can also make an easy £300 to £1000 per property, per month.
  • You have that “This just makes sense” feeling right now and this really is a no brainer.

So… pop your postcode into the form below right now and let’s get started.

Why Try Our Property Investment Course?

  • It's FREE
  • Locations Nationwide
  • Courses Every Day
  • Longest running, most successful property course in the UK

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Free courses are available nationwide - just type your Postcode below and click submit to find one close to you.

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